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Migrating to another country is a difficult process and involves crucial decisions. Helping aspiring immigrants since several years, Y-Axis are Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants and has the reach, knowledge & expertise to increase their chances of getting a visa. In conversation with Clint Khan Director of Y-Axis we were informed their agents work exclusively and personally with each client to help them with the procedure as well as to teach them about the prerequisites, to decide on the best nation to move to, and complete required assessment. We at Y-Axis help our clients to avoid hassles in the visa application process and help them be successful.

In the past two decades, we have grown to become World’s number one career consultant. We have 40+ offices spread across India and international offices in UAE and Australia.

The current Coronavirus pandemic has forced countries such as Canada, Germany, UK and Australia to impose restrictions on immigration and travel. But the good news is these countries have not completely stopped their immigration processing during the pandemic and once the situation improves in these countries, immigration is expected to pick up pace in the next few months.

Y-Axis has been helping its clients in the immigration process even during the pandemic and is counselling prospective immigration candidates.

In fact, most of these countries continue to accept online visa applications and are processing them. So, there is no need to wait till the pandemic is over to make your immigration application.


Canada is committed to meet its immigration targets of having 1 million migrants by 2022. The country needs more immigrants to contribute to its economic growth. The benefits of a permanent resident (PR) visa includes unrestricted work rights and access to free education, healthcare and social security benefits.

Canada needs immigrants to fill immediate job vacancies and Canada expects immigrants who come to the country to contribute to the country’s economic growth in the future.

By welcoming more immigrants, the country’s labor force will increase and using them productively will help improve the economy.

Though the pandemic has forced Canadian consulates to close, this has had no impact on long-term visas and immigration.

Despite the travel restrictions and lockdowns imposed due to the pandemic, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has been seeking to provide uninterrupted immigration services for those who have applied for a Canadian visa or plan to apply for one. The IRCC is operating remotely and continues to process visa applications.

Apart from this, the country continues to amend its immigration policies under the new circumstances to continue the intake of immigrants. Express Entry draws continue to be held and the CRS score requirements continue to go down.

As for international students who wish to study here, Canada is ready to accept incomplete student permit applications and has relaxed the requirements for the Post-graduate Work Permit (PGWP).

Talk to a Y-Axis representative to understand your options.


Australia is another choice for many Migrants who want a Permanent Residency. There are plenty of opportunities in Australia for a Skilled Individuals. The Permanent Resident holder and his family get access to free education and healthcare. In Australia immigration applications are being processed and the skill assessment bodies continue to assess the skills of applicants during restrictions imposed by COVID-19.

Skill assessment bodies such as ACS, IEA and VETASSESS are processing visa applications under the General Skilled Migration Program. Talk to a Y-Axis Immigration Consultant for a free counselling.


Germany has a strong economy and there is a demand for skilled immigrants. There are 1.2 million job vacancies every year and the German jobseeker visa can be your ticket to find suitable employment here.

After working here for a few years, one can apply for an EU Blue card. The German Jobseeker Visa allows you to come to the country for six months and look for a job. At present there is a high demand for IT professionals, engineers and scientists. Despite COVID-19, the immigration department in Germany is accepting applications. Student visa applications are being processed for the next intake. Y-Axis assist 100’s of applicants apply for a job seekers visa.

Right time to apply is now

This is the best time to apply for a permanent resident visa or a work permit because once the pandemic is over and restrictions are over there will be a surge of applications.

“Applying now will give you a head start over other applicants,” says Clint Khan, Director at Y-Axis UAE. Taking the example of Canada, he says, “Canadian immigration programs like the Express Entry rank candidates based on certain criteria and invite applicants who have the highest CRS score. With lesser number of applicants now, and lower CRS scores, you have a chance to be ranked among the top applicants and qualify for an invitation to apply or ITA.”

Y-Axis is ready to facilitate the immigration aspirations of individuals who wish to migrate to popular destinations such as Canada, Germany, UK or Australia during and after this pandemic.

Talk to a counsellor for a free session on eligibility, benefits and your chances of success.

Y-Axis are Regulated Canadian Immigration consultants for Canada and follow strict CODE OF PROFESSIONAL ETHICS laid down by ICCRC

Y-Axis is a Registered Migrations agents for Australia and is bound by the CODE OF CONDUCT which is issued by the office of MARA

Y-Axis Middle East are partners with BRITISH COUNCIL and Registration Center for applicants who wish to do the IELTS Examination.