Dolphins swimming near Wasini Island in Kenya Image Credit: YouTube

Kenya is an amazingly diverse country and while the wildlife there is stunning, there's a lot more to do and see than you know.

Bungee Jumping

Not known to most casual travellers, Kenya offers thrilling bungee jumping right in the middle of the bush. Perfect as part of an adventure tour in Kenya, the place to go is Sagana, near Tana, the longest river in Kenya.

The prices are also reasonable; at around 60 to 80 US dollars (from Dh250 to Dh400) and we know no adventure activity in Dubai comes that cheap. And as always in Kenya, you can round off the experience with a bush dinner and overnight camping.

River Rafting

White water rafting and river rafting are a must-try if you're in Kenya for some thrill and adventure. Once again, Sagana is the place to go for white water rafting with Tana River having some pretty exciting rapids (Grade I to V) to challenge the rafters, with calm interludes for you to enjoy the river and the surrounding wildlife.

Athi River which goes past the Tsavo national park is another one to try; also perfect for viewing bushbuck, giraffes, buffalo, elephants, crocodiles, monkeys, baboons and hippos. If you're an experienced rafter, try Mathioya River which descends over 450 metres in just 22 kilometres, giving rafters 8 uninterrupted kilometres of Grade IV white water. Day trip rates for rafting are upwards of 150 US dollars or around Dh560.

Hot Air Balloon Rides over the bush

A hot air balloon ride over the Masai Mara might just be the best thing you could do in Kenya. The serene bush is beautiful when viewed from high above, and you can also try and track the big five in case you missed seeing them on your safari. The most stunning part for us however was the view of the sky and the sun in the early morning, not to mention the backdrop as all the other balloons rose with us.


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An exciting time to do this is during the world famous wildebeest migration in to the Mara, giving you front row views for the phenomenon. The rates are cheaper in low season, April and May, going as low as US$272 or Dh1,000 approximately.

Dive with the dolphins at Wasini Island

Diving is something many people love doing on vacation and Kenya has some amazing dive spots. What's better, you may get to dive with wild dolphins out in the ocean. We asked if we could touch them and our guide said, "They are gentle beasts, but like you and I, they also have grumpy days."


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We spent two days on Diani beach and visited the Wasini Island - run by locals offering specialty food sourced and cooked on site, diving and snorkelling. 

Trek up Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is second only to Kilimanjaro in Africa at around 5,200 metres in height. Snow-capped and slightly intimidating, trekking up to the peaks (three) is a popular activity for tourists. The lower altitudes host rainforests and bamboo, and as you go higher, you will be reminded of Scottish highlands with rolling moors and diverse plant life.