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Few places have developed quite so quickly as Abu Dhabi’s Al Reem Island in recent years. Six years ago, Reem was simply an island of sand, now it boasts several communities and a developing retail and dining scene.

Reem Island is a great choice for those looking to live next to the beating heart of Abu Dhabi city, without having to suffer from parking-itis and general busyness.

As it stands, Reem Island is still mainly a residential area, despite its light retail. This will change over time, but for now expect lots of construction.


Reem Island is located on the eastern side of Abu Dhabi. It can be accessed from two bridges. The island is easily accessible from Shaikh Zayed Street, with a dedicated exit before the tunnel.


Car Reem Island can be accessed via Hazza Bin Zayed Street, or by 10th Street via Al Falah Street. Car parking isn’t available unless it is at one of the major community’s visitor car parks, or in the mall car parks. Traffic in the morning rush hour can be heavy, especially exiting the island towards the E10 - the lights are red for ages Taxi Taxis usually gather at Boutik Mall Bus Buses 7 and 63 operate on Reem Island. The fare is Dh2.


At present, there are no hotels on the island. The nearest are the Roswood on Al Maryah Island and the Beach Rotana in the Al Zahyiah district.


A one-bedroom apartment is on average Dh90,000 per year, going up by Dh15,000 per bedroom, up to five-bedroom apartments.

Major Communities

Marina Square

Marina Square is a complex of 11 towers which sits on the western-most side of Reem Island, overlooking Al Maryah Island and the Al Zahyiah district. Apartments range from one to four bedrooms, although one and two bedroom apartments are the most common.

The community is connected to the new Paragon Bay Mall, which at the moment only boasts a small amount of retail. There is a Geant supermarket, a pharmacy, florist, bank and a handful of dining outlets.

Parking for visitors can be problematic, particularly at weekends.

Sun and Sky Towers

The Sun and Sky Towers are two near-identical skyscrapers which sit on each end of Boutik Mall. Both elliptical, the towers are finished in nothing but glass, and certainly look striking from afar. The buildings contain one, two, and three bedroom apartments.

Being attached to Boutik Mall means that dining is quite accommodating. There is something for all tastes, from Asian to Italian, and even a Subway. The mall also has a Waitrose supermarket, as well as an Etisalat kiosk, men’s and women’s salons and a pharmacy.

Visitor parking is acceptable.

Gate Towers and the Arc

Based on Britain’s Stonehenge, the Gate Towers are a defining asset to the capital’s ever-changing skyline. Three towers stand side by side, joined by a massive parapet at the top. Inside, the buildings boast clever architecture, as the keen-eyed will spot that the architraves around the lifts represent that of buildings.

The Arc meanwhile sits in the shadow of the three Gate Towers.

While there are no dedicated retail at Gate Towers and the Arc, Boutik Mall can still be accessed via a bridge which crosses the road.

Visitor parking is ample.