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We look at August as the perfect opportunity to enjoy a short trip away from the hot weather and the tired, old routine.

Here are 7 budget summer destinations under Dh2,000. 

Our Top 3 is in the video below

1. Istanbul


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Enjoy a city, where two continents collide. A city of old and new. From the delicious food, to shopping in the street bazars and taking in all of the culture, Istanbul is the perfect place to escape for a couple days. We recommend 3 nights and 4 days. 

Flights starting from Dh1,100 per person Stay starting from Dh300 per room, per couple for 3 nights

2. Prague

A beautiful city with picturesque cobblestone streets, lined with old architecture in beautiful colours. Prague is a majestic place with amazing sights that are definitely worth visiting. 

Flights starting from Dh1,400 per person Stay starting from Dh400 per room, per couple for 3 nights

3. Singapore


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Singapore is a truly dynamic city that offers a wonderful family destination. With this great holiday deal, you get to do a half day tour, to explore what the city has to offer. Make sure you stop by the famous Merlion Park, the Raffles' Landing Site and make a wish at the Fountain of Wealth. It is definitely recommended to you continue your Singaporean adventure with an exciting night safari or river safari at the Singapore zoo. 

Flights starting from Dh1,375 per person Stay starting from Dh564 per room, per couple for 3 nights

4. Jaipur


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The city of Jaipur or ‘the Pink City’ is capital to the state of Rajasthan in India. Famous for its colourful culture, forts, palaces, and lakes, Jaipur owes its name to the founder of the city, warrior king Sawai Jai Singh II. When you’re there make sure you visit the Amber Fort in the best way possible; on elephant back. Jaipur is full of prominent structures and forts that are must see's when you're there. 

Flights starting from Dh793 per person Stay starting from Dh681 per room, per couple for 3 nights

5. Sharm El Sheikh


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This gorgeous coastal city is one of Egypt’s most precious gems. The costal city is known for its sheltered sandy beaches, clear waters and coral reefs. The sun shines all year round, so it’s the perfect place to escape this summer. The Red Sea is unbelievably rich in wildlife, so definitely opt for a snorkelling trip or even a scuba dive if you are brave enough. 

Flights starting from Dh1326 per person Stay starting from Dh576 per room, per couple for 3 nights

6. London

Easily one of the greatest cities in the world. London has history, modernity and some of the most iconic buildings in the world, including Buckingham palace, House of Parliament, Harrods and of course, Big Ben. There is always something to do in this buzzing city. If you’re a foodie, you will be in heaven. With so much to do and eat and explore, London is a definite must visit this summer. If you book early enough, you can fly and stay for under Dh2,000. 

Flights starting from Dh1,540 per person Stay starting from Dh747 per room, per couple for 3 nights

7. Maldives

A beautiful island country with abundant natural beauty, bright turquoise waters and lush greenery. The Maldives is a popular destination for visitors from the UAE and a great place for couples or young families to escape.

The Maldives is blessed with year round tropical climate and beautiful sunshine. With an average temperature of 27 degrees, it provides perfect beach weather almost every day.

Flights starting from Dh1,675 per person Stay starting from Dh385 per room, per couple for 3 nights