Dr Zakir Naik (left) and Assim Al Hakeem speaking at the launch of World’s first Islamic Router, App and Tablet at Gitex Technology week 2015 at Dubai World Trade Centre. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: Dubai-based X-Concepts Corp has launched the world’s first Islamic router, first Islamic mobile app with value-added features and an Islamic tablet.

Mohammad Asim Sajwani, president of X-Concepts Corp, said that the Islamic router is similar to a normal router but has extra features. The cloud-based Islamic firewall will work specially to protect your kids and family from the internet abuse.

He said that it will not only allow kids to watch prohibited sites but also inform the parents via email which sites your kid have visited. It will also give a detailed advice by Islamic scholars like Zakir Naik, Shaikh Assim Al Hakeem, Yousuf Estes and Peace TV on how to handle the situation.

The router can be connected to a speaker to give “Adhan”, the Islamic call for prayer, and it will be updated using the current geo location and the kids can listen to authentic Islamic stories from professional narrators and will recite proper sets of Dua’s with meanings.

Sajwani said that the authenticity of the stories is thoroughly checked by the Islamic scholars.

He added that the mobile app — iMurshid — has features like prayer call, kibla location, keeps track of zakat, halal restaurants, halal supermarkets, nearest mosque, lectures and Q&A by leading team of Islamic scholars, Islamic news and events, Islamic calendar, learning Quran with meaning and Tafseer (interpretation), Islamic TV and Islamic Radio.

Zakir Naik said that there are many Islamic apps right now available on the apps stores but all are fragmented. This app has all the value-added Islamic apps and all under one roof.

“The most important factor when we launch is that it should be authentic as per the Quran and Sunnah, [a collection of traditions containing sayings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)],” he said.

There are many Islamic sites on the internet but most are not “authentic”. To get the best authentic sites are “very difficult” and you will not find all of it under one roof.

Al Hakeem said that the mobile app helps in providing a protection to our children and provide authentic information to Islamic community.

The app, available on Google and Apple stores, is available in Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Chinese and French. Sajwani said that more languages will added in the future.

The router is expected to be priced between Dh500 and Dh600, and will be available by second week of November.