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New Delhi: WhatsApp is testing a "View Once" feature for voice notes. This feature is currently being tested for Android and iOS users who are using the beta version of the app.

WhatsApp introduced "View Once" for photos and videos in 2021 to add another layer of privacy to your messages.

Today, WhatsApp announced that the user can now send a voice message that will disappear once listened to.

The feature allows users to designate voice notes as "View Once." This enhances privacy by preventing the recipient from exporting, forwarding, saving, or recording the voice note. The "View Once" audio will disappear once the recipient listens to it.


For reading out credit card details to a friend or when planning a surprise, now users can also share sensitive information over voice message with added peace of mind.

For consistency with View Once photos and videos, "View Once" voice messages are clearly marked with the "one-time" icon and can only be played one time.

As with all your personal messages, WhatsApp protects your voice messages with end-to-end encryption by default, and View Once is just another example of our continued privacy innovation.

"View Once" voice messages are rolling out globally over the coming days.

How to send view once" voice message

Open a chat > tap mic.

Swipe up to lock > tap and hold to record.

Green button means view once mode.

Tap send > know when they see it with an opened receipt.

This version is shorter and uses simpler language, making it easier to understand and remember.