Dubai: Despite media rumours that Apple Store in Dubai is the world’s largest, it doesn’t appear to be the case.

While Apple won’t give out specific square footage of either of the new Apple stores (we asked), the new store is estimated to be under 10,000 sq/feet. Many international stores, including those in Barcelona, Shanghai, London and Madrid are all multiple-level stories. Apple ‘s store in Palo Alto, California, is reported to be 15,030-square-foot.

The Apple Store in Covent Garden, London — with 40,000 square feet — is currently Apple’s largest retail location.

Dubai is a single level story. According to previously released reports, Apple considers 6,000 square feet to be a perfect sized store, although the average size in 8,400 square feet.

The UAE media were given a preview of Dubai's newest Apple Store at Mall of the Emirates on Tuesday.