All players will be required to enter their date of birth. Image Credit: Alex Haney/ Unsplash

San Francisco: Video game developer Epic Games has added new for-kids accounts in 'Fortnite', 'Rocket League' and 'Fall Guys' games.

'Cabined Accounts' will provide a personalised experience that is safe and inclusive for younger players, the developer said in a blogpost on Wednesday.

"We believe that creating a rich experience within the same overall game or product is the best way to empower younger players to meaningfully participate without compromising on safety or privacy," it said.

Image Credit: Epic Games

While signing in, all players will be required to enter their date of birth.

If someone indicates they are under 13 or their country's age of digital consent, then their account will be considered a "Cabined Account" and they will be asked to enter a parent or guardian's email address to start the parental consent procedure.

The parent or guardian of the player will get an email informing them about their child's Epic account.

Parents can examine information about Epic's privacy policies, provide permission for extra features, set up parental controls, and verify their adult status via SuperAwesome's Kids Web Services by following the links in the email.

Since Cabined Accounts are built on Epic Account Services, it will also apply to younger gamers and developers that use the Epic Games Launcher.

While waiting for parental approval, younger players or developers using the Launcher can browse and access their library but cannot purchase new games or use specific Unreal Engine features.