Brink’s is the world’s largest cash management and secured logistics company. They are introducing Brink’s Complete across the world to disrupt the way retail businesses manage their physical cash at the store level. This is an all-in-one subscription service that combines the best of Brink’s smart-safe hardware, software and cash-in-transit services.

As a turnkey solution, it is the most cost-efficient and convenient cash automation solution in the UAE and is designed to make accepting cash easier and cheaper for SMEs. In essence, the solution creates a virtual bank branch at the back office of the client’s location and is supported by software that is accessible on mobile, tablet, and computer for maximum visibility of cash across all client locations.


- Cash deposits immediately reach bank account on same day

- Reduce cost of cash

- Spend more time with customers

- Boost internal staff accountability

- Rest assured with all-risk guarantee

- Trust a simplified process

Brink’s Complete offers two hardware model options. The first is B-Box, which simplifies the cash handling process through manual deposits giving the lowest price for the service. The second is B-Safe, which combines intuitive note validation features to make fast, secure and routine deposits throughout the day. This in-store device not only provides a simple, fast, and secure deposit validation, but also checks for counterfeit bills to deter fraud. Both models are financially protected against theft with the brand’s Enhanced Content Guarantee.

Your solution in action: Step 1: Easily register deposit in Brink’s 24Seven app and place cash into Brink’s deposit bag. Step 2: Scan the deposit bag into your B-Box and drop. Step 3: Receive your advanced credit. It’s really that easy.

As a result, substantial savings are realised — not only in tangible costs such as banking fees, but also in working capital opportunity and labour costs. You can confidently manage your business with more efficiency than ever before by optimising all aspects of your cash operations.