ISD at Dubai Sports City has expanded to include athletics
ISD at Dubai Sports City has expanded to include athletics Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Inspiratus Sports District (ISD) Dubai Sports City, Dubai’s newest sports destination, is open with a host of award-winning academies, playing venues across multiple sports, a state-of-the art sports science clinic and much more.

“At ISD Dubai Sports City, we are offering the Dubai community a new, world-class multi-sports destination with unrivalled professional standard playing venues, award-winning academies and much more. Football, track & field athletics, tennis, rugby and soon padel, fans and athletes, can now play or learn their favourite sports at the best facilities in the region, right in the heart of Dubai,” said Hussein Murad, ISD CEO.

ISD Dubai Sports City is championing sports development with international standard training programmes that focus on player development, combining technical skills with mental agility and leadership qualities for players from the ages of four to 18. It features Dubai’s best academies including the award-winning La Liga Academy, considered the gold standard in football academies; ISD Athletics led by an all-Olympian team and headed by Andy Turner, three-time Olympic medallist; ISD Tennis and soon ISD Rugby and Padel Academies, all led by highly certified international coaches.

Each of these academies also offer top athletes a pathway to professional sports careers and scholarships to universities in the US.

The La Liga Academy at ISD is world class
The La Liga Academy at ISD is world class Image Credit: Supplied

“ISD Dubai Sports City is home to first-rate academies with curated curricula that empower young players with the technical and leadership skills that will serve them throughout their life. Programs are developed and delivered by hand-picked internationally renowned coaches in an immersive way that children and youth can enjoy, while also reaping the benefits,” added Murad.

The facilities at ISD Dubai Sports City are designed, developed and maintained at certified professional standards. These include four Fifa standard football pitches, including one indoor, two rugby pitches, an Olympic-standard track, four outdoor tennis courts and eight indoor and outdoor World Padel Tour-certified courts. With outstanding grounds, changing rooms, meeting rooms and offices, ISD caters to all sporting needs, ranging from a pitch booking, to tournament, league, customised event management. and corporate experiences.

ISD Dubai Sports City is also a destination of choice for international athletes and teams for warm weather training and professional competitions.

Tennis and rugby training is also available at ISD
Tennis and rugby training is also available at ISD Image Credit: Supplied

As part of its comprehensive offering, ISD Dubai Sports City recently welcomed the award-winning Eupepsia Sports Science & Wellness clinic, which offers cutting-edge sports performance, assessment, and recovery programmes. It also includes Eupepsia’s Sports Science Lab, a state-of-the-art gym for strength, conditioning & recovery and a measurement lab.

“We want ISD at Dubai Sports City to cater to all sporting needs, so we are constantly expanding our sports offering and developing year-round programs. It’s all part of our goal to promote healthy lifestyles and build an integrated sporting community for sports fans and athletes of all ages and abilities,” said Murad.