Golf - Range golf
The committee members of the newly launched Range Golf League. Image Credit: Supplied photo

Dubai: A new concept in golf, the first of it’s kind in the UAE - the Range Golf League - is set to be introduced to the UAE with its first pilot event at Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club on February 19 (Saturday).

The Range Golf League is a golf tournament format, designed to be played over the designated golf range at a golf course. The concept is being organised by Interstellar, a Dubai-based company which owns the International Copyright, trademark, IPR, Patent and are a Group Company of WeTel Television.

Prof. Adil Matin, Chairman of the Range Golf League, said at the launch: ‘‘This is a new concept and the first of its kind in the UAE. TOPGOLF Dubai has its popular model with regular local Leagues, but this is somewhat different.

‘‘In these days of inclusion and innovation, we are excited with this Range Golf League and believe this has both an operational and sustainable model, but as with all such projects it is all about being driven by popularity and engagement by the players. We hope all the invited players have fun later this month,’’ said Prof. Matin.

The pre-launch event was organised recently at Ramada, Downtown Dubai. Sheikh Dr Obaid bin Suhail Al Maktoum was the Chief Guest and Laila Rahhal El Aftani as Guest of Honour with many other dignitaries including: Mohammad Alam Shah, Waahiid Ali Khan, Arman Khan, Syed Nadeem Zaidi, Maya Tarraf, Irfan Izhar and Owen SP Sanchez.

The Tournament Board members of the Range Golf League are: Prof. Adil Matin, Chairman Range Golf League; Rafat Zaidi, Director General Range Golf League;

Samuel McLaren, PGA Pro & Director of Golf; Mohammad Shafiq, Captain Sharjah Golf Club; Ziad Al Sharabi, General Manager, Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club; Syed Nadeem Zaidi, League Director.

Following are the salient features of the initiative:

- The Range Golf League tournament is of five hours duration.

- There will be six teams.

- Each team will have six players.

- There will be 30 players in total.

- 100% free tournament – No Green Fee, No participation fee, Free food for all.

For this first pilot event it is by invitation only, with our future events being open to Team entries on a first come – first served basis.

- There will be two sessions: In the First-Session all 6 teams will compete with each other and in the Second-Session only the top four highest scoring teams will qualify. The highest scoring team will be the winning team of the tournament.

- Both sessions will have five rounds: Longest Drive, Par-3, Par4, Par-5 and Hole in One.

- More than 500 spectators are expected to come and support.