A child pictured with Lionel Messi, reported to be the one he snubbed in a video that went viral on Twitter and YouTube, is apparently a different youngster altogether.

In the aftermath of Argentina’s victory over Bosnia and Herzegovina in the early hours of Monday morning UAE time, a video emerged of Messi ignoring a young mascot who clearly wanted to meet his hero.

Watch that video here:

Messi suggested in a press conference later that he simply hadn’t seen the child reach up to shake his hand.

But then a picture emerged, reported to be the same child sat on the Barcelona star’s lap, thus making everything right again.

That picture is here:

 Messi with the mystery child (Twitter)

However, now some are claiming it isn’t the same child at all, instead believing it to be the son of former Fluminense player Deivid.

Watch the video, study the picture and decide for yourself.

A still taken from the video (YouTube)