Liverpool's Mohamed Salah looks to control the ball during the English Premier League soccer match between Liverpool and Arsenal at Anfield in Liverpool, England, Saturday, Dec. 29, 2018. Image Credit: AP

Dubai: Egyptian striker Mohammad Salah transcends football and unites a fractured world, according to Liverpool CEO Peter Moore.

Speaking at the Dubai Sports Conference at Madinat Jumeirah on Wednesday, Moore said: “Mohammad has become bigger than football, and stands for diversity in a very fractured world.

“He acts as a unifying force and brings people together. People from all over the world, who, in other elements, are at odds with each other.

“There is an intrinsic worth to Mohammad that fits in with the values we have as a football club. The world is in a messy place right now and he breaks down a lot of barriers. He transcends football.”

In reference to how that power can be used on social media to attract more fans to the club, Moore added: “We are reaching out to support them (players) and creating a policy so they don’t fall foul of their fan base.

“That power is potent if done correctly and allows us to build our brand as well as his in tandem.”

Moore also said that this global attraction to the club could be curtailed post Brexit.

“We are watching it very closely. It will obviously affect visa eligibility and the freedom of movement we’ve previously enjoyed. Like all Brits I have no idea where this thing is going right now.

“Brexit worries all of us because it’s the unknown. But the Premier League is well placed politically in London and the UK government also understands the importance of football.

“The brilliance of the Premier League is that we have a Brazilian, Egyptian and Senegalese playing up front for us. It’s a diversity that the Premier League has benefited from and it would be a shame if somehow that was hindered.”

Moore also said the club was “not for sale” following reports of the UAE interest but added the club was open to “opportunities for minority stakes from strategic individual investors that would add value in some way.”

Stadium expansion plans would also be “measured” to match “economic responsibilities” and to take into account “the relationship with neighbours” in the surrounding community.

With the club top of the league, he also denied that he was using the club’s position to try and get a bigger kit supply deal with the New Balance agreement expiring at the end of the season.

“Whether it’s New Balance renewing or someone else coming in, winning the title wouldn’t hurt but at the same time they won’t be coming to us because we’ve won the league but because we have 771 million fans around the world who are their potential customers.”