Step aside, Paul the Octopus.

From the depths of the Dubai desert comes the four-hooved World Cup prediction machine that is Shaheen the Camel. Scroll down for a video.

Discovered by a Gulf News videographer with a penchant for dune-based fun, Shaheen declared himself ready at the flutter of an oversized eyelash for the challenge of guessing the outcome of Brazil 2014 matches.

Starting Thursday, one World Cup game per day will be the subject of Shaheen’s prediction genius. And yes, you guessed it, Gulf News accepts no responsibility for whether the hump-backed wonder is right or wrong.

Matching Paul the Octopus’s near-perfect record may be beyond the trusty steed, but only the most up-to-date camel-football-predicting technology will be used to determine who will lift the World Cup trophy.


The crucial opener between Brazil and Croatia is first up at midnight on Thursday.

Watch Shaheen in action from Thursday morning right here at

Here's a teaser of what's to come: