Sudhakar Shetty, the head of Maxtalent Cricket Academy. Image Credit: Supplied picture

Dubai: Maxtalent Global Sports Cricket Academy, a Dubai-based initiative, has been awarded the intellectual property rights for his online engagement of cricket drills, skill development, fitness & motivation programmes. The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, one of the globally recognised organisations, have conferred the copyright certificate to Sudhakar Shetty, Head of Maxtalent, late last month.

It was during the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic with all the sporting activites being halted that Shetty felt the need to engage his students in a virtual coaching routine in the lines of the online learning system which was already in place across the world.

“The whole world was faced with a critical decision once this pandemic has started: how to properly adapt the practices of everyday life to what we are experiencing now. The world of sport was no exception: training sessions had to change, games without the fans are a new normal now.

‘‘Even though COVID-19 definitely became a catalyst for bringing this idea to life, organising cricket drills in a virtual space had been an idea of mine throughout the last couple of years, starting from tribal development programme of Maxtalent distance learning (via Video Conferencing-2018) to Maxtalent Trust & SVKM combined project E-Literacy support education and Sports and now the COVID-19 challenge, which prompted us to launch the Maxtalent e Cricket 2020,’’ Shetty said.

The certificate issued on June 26, with global recognition in all countries, recognises Maxtalent’s contribution as ‘Work of Science: A virtual online engagement of cricket drills, skill development, fitness & motivation sessions/programmess.’

Looking ahead, Shetty says:“The Maxtalent e-cricket is the way forward now. This is what what many schools, sports academies in the UAE and global have adopted. It’s a very new concept, and so far both students and their parents are very happy.”