Virat Kohli  at a practice session
Virat Kohli Image Credit: PTI

Indian cricketer and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) batter Virat Kohli shared his experience on impulsive car-buying and how he has come to prioritise practicality over impulse.

Kohli and MS Dhoni are well-known for their love of automobiles, and they have the resources to buy dream vehicles that many others can only imagine. However, due to their busy schedule, they often find it difficult to take their prized possessions out for a spin.

In a recent interview, Kohli revealed that most of his cars were impulsive purchases and he hardly used them. He acknowledged the importance of being practical and mature about one's choices.

"Most of the cars I used to own were impulsive buys, I ended up hardly driving or traveling in them as well," he said. Kohli went on to explain that he has since sold most of these cars and now only uses what is necessary," he said.

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"Beyond a point, I was like this is pointless, so I ended up selling most of them and now we only use what we absolutely need to," he added.

"I think it is also part of growing up and being more aware and mature about things as well. You don't feel like owning 'toys' as such, it is about being practical," the 34-year-old said.

The cricketer recently joined the team's training camp ahead of IPL 2023 season. He was present at the team's first full training session before the RCB Unbox event to honour AB de Villiers and Chris Gayle for their contributions over the years. The 74-match event spread over 52 days begins on March 31.