Shyam Bhatia releasing Akash Santhosh’s book at his cricket museum. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Akash Santhosh, a 12-year-old budding cricketer, inspired by the history of cricket and the various interpretations of the laws of the game, has produced a book to share his knowledge with his teammates.

The handbook, which helps one trace the history of game, laws of cricket, basics for learning higher skills, a study into the various formats and snippets on some of the past and present cricket stars and their records, was released by Shyam Bhatia, the patron of the Dubai Cricket Council at the Bhatia's cricket museum.

Santhosh is a student of Our Own English High School, Sharjah, and plays for Desert Cubs Cricket Academy. "I was inspired to work on the book after getting to read (Shyam) Bhatia's Portraits of the Game," said Santhosh.

"I did a lot of research, collected facts through many references and compiled the book. I wanted to give the first copy to Bhatia," said Santhosh. Bhatia, who is an ardent cricket lover, opened the doors of his museum for Santhosh and his academy friends. The book was released in the presence of over 150 boys and their parents.

"For a 12-year-old boy to bring out such a book is amazing. He has done an indepth study into the game and hence I felt that the children should also get to see the history of the game I have put up on the walls of my museum and the bats and balls used by the legends of the game," Bhatia said.