Road trip_Jebel Jais
The route to Jebel Jais in Ras Al Khaimah offers a wonderfully scenic driving experience Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Eid Al Adha: Cool road trips

Even though it’s a hot summer and the humidity is high, I’m looking forward to visiting a few places in the UAE during my Eid holidays (“Cool road trips for Eid Al Adha: From Khorfakkan to Jebel Jais, take these road trips over the long weekend”, Gulf News, July 5). I’m super excited as my friends and I have planned a road trip. Unfortunately, I’m on my visit visa, so I don’t have much time to be here. I have been planning this trip since I got here. But most of my friends were working and had a busy schedule, so we hardly got out during the weekends. Now that we have four days of holiday, we are all set to explore the UAE. I saw your road trip article, and it’s definitely going to help us. Thank you, Gulf News! And also, I wish everyone a blissful and safe Eid Al Adha.

From Mr Vishnu Shankar


Price inflation

Inflation is no small talk, and it’s happening worldwide (“India’s May inflation stays above 7% on costlier food, fuel”, Gulf News, June 13). It means rising prices. As a result, prices of daily commodities are spiking higher, and people are facing pressure handling their monthly budget. It won’t be easy for people as it lowers your purchasing power. It also has a regressive effect on lower-income families and older people. People should use their resources wisely and manage their money. As most of us are working, it is advisable to do carpooling. Someone who drives to work and pays for gasoline may experience higher prices more acutely than someone who uses public transit, for example. A person who relies on a monthly salary and invests in safe options like fixed deposits is bound to be hit by inflation as his money would be able to buy lesser and lesser in the future. Inflation and deflation are a vicious circle, and we must figure out how to keep our savings intact during these times.

From Nidish Ram


Never give up

Being tech-savvy sounds cool and fun. But, if you want to be good at it, you need passion, just like anything else. You need to choose your area of interest and try to stay updated. Knowing the trends and using them will help you on the go. The benefit of learning how to use something is gaining the ability to use it and do more things with it. As technology constantly evolves, it is good to keep up with it. It is a plus if you spin it around your area of expertise; it will help you in the long run. To be tech-savvy, you don’t need to be a programmer or a coder. For example, during the pandemic, most of us worked online, understanding the basics of Zoom, Botim, and other meeting platforms. It was not rocket science, but for starters, it may have sounded difficult. These little things should not stop you from learning. I’m not a tech addict, but I’m giving it a shot since it’s the need of the hour. My children are abroad, and they call me through Botim, an app to make video calls. At first, I found it very difficult, but now it seems easy. Never stop trying new things.

From Ms Shylaja Gopinath


Cricket: India’s fifth test against England

It was a deliberate rampant attack by the Indian cricketers Rishabh Pant and Ravindra Jadeja, which bailed out the team from a precarious position of 98 runs for five wickets (“Cheteshwar Pujara, the unsung warrior of Indian cricket in Tests”, Gulf News, July 5). Without Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul, I expected Shubman Gill and Cheteshwar Pujara to steady the ship. However, both failed to put a firm foundation. Unfortunately, the former Indian captain, Virat Kohli is still struggling to get out of his rut. Anyway, the rescue act has come from unexpected players, Rishabh Pant and Ravindra Jadeja. They put up a massive score of 220 run partnership to pull the Indian cricket team out of the woods, posting a decent score of 336 on day one at Edgbaston Test. There is no doubt that Pant was under fire. But he silenced every critic with his dynamic batting and has put our team in a respectable position to stand a chance to win the Test and series. Both he and Jadeja played like possessed men and did not hesitate to take on even James Anderson. Well done! Now it is over to the Indian Captain Jasprit Bumrah and his boys to account for England batsmen to lead the team from the front.

From Mr Vinay Mahadevan


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