Staying Home
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Cherishing time at home

Coronavirus has definitely brought some major changes in all of our lives (“Coronavirus: 101 things you can do at home during quarantine in the UAE”,, May 4). Now, we are more cautious of our actions, and we abide by all the safety rules of the government. Staying at home for a prolonged period of time has probably been the first time people have had to do this. But this change is different, probably for the betterment of the world. This time at home has definitely made us all think. We have been able to rejuvenate our body and mind, by spending time with family. During this period of social distancing, I have had a different experience. I am able to spend quality time with my family and explore different hobbies. I have taken to baking. I am able to experiment with different recipes and try them to pass my idle time. Distance learning is more comforting, although I would prefer going to school and having more interactions with my teachers and friends. I am able to feel connected with my family members through video calling applications. I talk to them almost every day. This keeps us all attached. On the whole, I am enjoying this new experience, and this is definitely a learning curve for all of us! Indulging in a new lifestyle, I will undeniably cherish all these priceless moments.

From Ms Sriya Desikan

Easter baking
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When reel becomes real

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only puzzled our frontline workers, but has also affected us very deeply. The lives of students have become something of a movie, in which new changes take place daily.

I don’t know whether I am sleeping at school, or whether I am studying at home. Personally, I like my life to be full of adventure and hope that every sunrise starts a new chapter and gives me new opportunities. How soon will we find a cure for this pandemic and how long do we have to continue living like this? The other day it was so quiet in my room that I heard a few faint voices from my bookshelf, when I was eavesdropping. I was surprised to find out that the books were talking among themselves!

COVID-19 has given us too many sleepless nights. The biggest concern for my parents is my safety during these unprecedented times. However, even if school started and educational institutions took all the necessary safety precautions, I would still ask my friend to record the class on his iPad, and view the recording at home.

Most people under quarantine have mastered the art of cooking. Restaurants wouldn’t have to worry about a shortage of chefs. In fact, I am thinking of starting a small café myself! I want the world to taste the food my mother has innovated while practising social distancing. If I were to ever open this cafe, it would be a success, because we won’t need to hire any staff, I would do all the cleaning and maybe use a few tricks with the broom, I learnt over the course of these three months of helping out at home. My mother could be the chef, and my dad with his Maths skills could take care of the accounts. And as for customers? We’ll see ….

From Mr Jash Mehta


Practise social distancing

While it is great that parks and beaches are reopening, it was appalling to see photographs of groups of people huddled together with no protective gear on (“Parks open in Dubai: 5 coronavirus protection rules you have to follow”,, May 19). To note, people cannot disregard the authorities’ directive to maintain social distancing and wear masks.

From Ms Benita Thomson


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