Inhumane acts of cruelty

It is beyond belief that some people these days have become so shameless and cruel that they do not feel any remorse for committing such heinous acts (“Lawmaker questioned in India rape case, opposition holds vigil”, Gulf News, April 14). The increasing crimes against children imply that they are not safe anywhere and must not be left alone. It is disturbing that girls so young are being kidnapped and sexually abused by men and that such incidences are becoming a daily occurrence in this part of the world. Those responsible for the death of the child must be brought to justice regardless of their social status, cast, background and profession. These criminals who view girls as mere objects and not as humans and are insensitive towards our kind and must be given the harshest punishment possible. A death penalty in rape cases should become a standard and anybody found guilty must be hanged publicly, at the earliest. Only with stringent laws in place will the society and authorities be able to keep such crime at bay.

From Ms Fatima Suhail


Humanity’s new low

I think the recent rape case in India involving an 8-year-old girl was heart-breaking to read. What happened to her does not even sound human. Have we become savage animals? Whether the victim is a minor or an older woman, violence against women is not unacceptable. It has been years but India is still in the same boat. The names of the victims change, the protests grow in numbers, people hold vigils – but for what? Nothing comes out of this. No laws are amended and no strict punishments are imposed. I don’t know what the Bharatiya Janta Party is going to do now. It is exhausting to protest the same thing again and again. I wish the politicians forgot about cows, religion, and money and actually did something for the people.

From Ms Suhana Rai


Justice delayed is denied

This is in reference to the road rage case against cricketer turned politician, Navjot Singh Sidhu, which is pending for more than three decades. No doubt, after getting bail, Sidhu, as in the case of every political leader, ‘has respect for our judiciary’, as he very well knew that justice delayed means justice denied. Hence, he has been taking shelter from one court to another and now finally, the case is with the Supreme Court. We sincerely hope that the Punjab Chief Minister will stick to his earlier statements and the court will be able to ensure a verdict, one that does not drag for decades like seen in other cases in India.

From Mr N. Viswanathan


War of the worlds

It is estimated that more than 6.1 million people have left their homes and millions have fled abroad as refugees (“Syria strike will be coming, says Trump”, Gulf News, April 11). There is no justification for the chemical attack, which took place on innocent civilians. Since the conflict erupted, the world has neglected Syria. Thousands of people have lost their lives in the conflict and now many more are dying without food and water. The whole world is divided for various reasons to end the war in Syria. It’s the responsibility of the Red Cross and the United Nations to provide all humanitarian aid for the starving children and women. Russia is backing the Syrian government. US President Donald Trump is giving a warning to Syria for an eminent attack. War is not a solution for anything. Peace talks should be initiated by world leaders so that no more innocent lives are lost.

From Mr Eappen Elias


A cricket lover’s dream

It was very nice to read in the newspapers that the Cricket Asia Cup will be held in UAE this year. All cricket fans are very thrilled to know that we can watch the best cricket teams of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, live. I am sure everybody, like me, would be thrilled, and are waiting eagerly for the matches to begin. The best and the most awaited matches will be between India and Pakistan. After so many years we would be lucky to watch these two nations play against each other. It is only because of political reasons and because of some bad politicians that the relationship between the two of the best cricket teams are getting worse. You can really see how in the UAE, despite being from different countries, people live in harmony. I am really proud that we are staying in such a peaceful country with dynamic leadership. We feel safe and secure, than if we were in our home country. We are all awaiting anxiously for September for the matches to start and I hope that more and more international tournaments are held here, giving us an opportunity to watch them.

From Mr Ajeet Kumar S. Pillai


Think about the future

Someone recently made a statement and said, ‘poverty is a mind-set’. The whole world tried to corner him on this, but he was right. We don’t need any study for this prediction. By 2030, the current generation will cross 40 years. They have been exposed to the digital world or the Internet throughout their lives. Even though they have all the information, they did not use it for their future or for their countries. Majority of the present rich people are from the industrial age. They have effectively used the latest technology to become rich. They are so generous and help poor countries. The leaders of all the countries must invest in education for the poor people to get out of this situation. Political parties and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) must teach the people about financial literacy, which is not taught in schools or at home. The young generation is addicted to the digital world without knowing the real life outside. Multinational companies don’t allow the new generation to think about their future. They want them to live in the present. On the other hand, there are a lot of educational games and seminars available online which have no more users. For example, games like Monopoly, Cash flow and more. The parents must guide their children to have knowledge about money and business, instead of dumping expensive gadgets on them. American author, Antony Robbins said it well: “We are drowned with information but starving for wisdom.”

From Mr Lakshmanan Kannamkulath


Improvements for people of determination

Through this platform I would like to draw the attention of concerned authorities towards vocational training for the people of determination. This specially applies for young school going children. They are being given admission in the name of inclusive education, but still a majority of them remain dependent on their learning assistants or shadow teachers and are unable to perform their duties independently. Sadly enough, the specialised schools for this category have long waiting lists and those schools that do provide admissions under the inclusive category are highly expensive making it very difficult for a salaried individual to manage the finances. It’s a humble suggestion to include vocational training in such institutions in order to make the determined kids more independent and progressive. Here I would also like to request the Ministry of Education to kindly offer some relief as well to parents with such children to minimising the cost of education for these shining stars. The UAE government has already initiated a lot of steps to help people with determination, as termed by His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. It would be highly appreciated if the same is done in the field of education as well.

From Ms Sana Rehman


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