Important to behave on the Metro

Around six months ago, I had seen a video that showed that an entity in China that experimented with a version showing that a Metro train had a compartment ready with passengers ready to board the train at a station, which was lowered to the oncoming train (“Lack of etiquette on Dubai Metro”, Gulf News, March 13). Also, the last compartment would comprise passengers who intended to alight at a particular station. Though there may be lots of difficulties in implementing such a scheme, at least it points towards a possible solution to unruly passengers trying to obstruct innocent ones who are in the process of getting down (alighting) at every station, with a possible chance they are unable to alight, and have to get down at the next station. Though I’m not a frequent passenger, these last few months I have noticed that young students do not mind or care when early passengers queue to each side, by trying to occupy the middle path, reserved for the passengers who wish to leave. There are also other passengers who just act as if they are ignorant of the rules which are drawn on the ground. As passengers, we cannot control wrong doers. Only at stations where the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) staff or police personnel are present, all these rules are being observed or enforced. It would be good if from time to time the security or concerned authorities educate the passengers.

From Mr T. K. Thomas


A different reality

I was amused by the letter (“Letters to the Editor: What has BJP really achieved?”, Gulf News, March 7). It looks like the writer is unable to digest the success of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and the defeat of leftist ideologies in India. As per his calculations, India should be in big trouble in all respects very soon, but the reality is different. Today, India and Indians are respected all over the world. The Indian Prime Minister is getting the highest respect from leaders of all nations. The World Bank has declared an improvement in the economy of India. The crusade against all sorts of corruption has started. Just watch how many more criminal and corrupt heads will roll soon. I would ask the writer of the letter to be optimistic. India is changing and it is inevitable. Don’t worry – the left may retain power in Kerala as long as pseudo-seculars are in the majority. But please do visit the site of the upcoming Indian temple in Abu Dhabi and please watch the 2019 election. All opposition parties, with different ideologies, who once swore they were the enemies of each other, are coming together just to fight one person. This is enough of an indication of what is happening at the grassroots level and what is on people’s minds. The followers of all these parties will understand what is happening, and decide which side to choose.

From Mr Viren Narkar


An absolute necessity

Technology has overtaken us by leaps and bounds (“Facebook debate: Have phones become a necessity in today’s world?”, Gulf News, March 11). We are victims of rapid civilisation and disruption. Anybody who tries to resist technological advance is either washed away or are left alone on an island. Right from the invention of transistors, the field of telecommunication has evolved in such a way that disruptions occur in phases. Television made radios extinct, computers are steadily progressing in making television extinct and mobiles are successfully replacing computers. We have to understand that mobile phones are part of our lives today to the extent that they are an extended organ of our body. We will suffer without them psychologically. They are basically tools of communication but not limited to messages and information. People use mobile phones for their alarms, reminders, scheduling, data storage, and so many other functions that they form part of the daily routine. The question whether mobiles are necessary or not is no longer valid. In the present context it will be analogous to ask whether you need air to breathe. They are an absolute necessity.

From Mr Murugesh S. S. Sivam


What has the BJP done?

I would like to respond to the letter by Pradeep Kumar asking what the BJP has really achieved (“Letters: What has BJP really achieved?, Gulf News, March 7). Either he has no idea what is happening or he is a diehard Congress fan. Never in Indian history has any single party ruled so many states at the same time. People are much more sensible when it comes to electing their leaders and it was the congress that has taken the country backwards, in the 10 years prior to Narendra Modi becoming the Prime Minister, we have had so much of corruption that we have lost count, and now our former Finance Minister’s son is already in the dock. The bank corruption that he is talking about happened during the Congress rule, whether it was giving loans to business tycoon Vijay Mallya or Nirav Modi, it’s all coming out in the open only now. The religious agenda was and is being followed by the Congress who have for all these years tried to divide the country with their policies. Why did politician Rahul Gandhi suddenly have to prove that he is a Hindu, which he never did till the Gujarat elections? With a leader like Gandhi who disappears every time he loses an election, I wonder what hope we have for India if he wins the elections in 2019. Whether it is dealing with our neighbours or with the world leaders, I don’t think India has commanded so much respect ever before.

From Mr Anup Hegde


The final test is coming

Congratulations to the BJP for decimating both the Congress and the Left parties in the North Eastern elections (“BJP-led government takes charge of Tripura”, Gulf News,, March 10). No one had expected the BJP to sweep these polls. Probably, the Congress President was aware of this drubbing and hence left for Italy to celebrate Holi there. Now, with the saffron splash in the North Eastern States, the Left party is left only with the Kerala state, where they will be shaking too. Though BJP has won these elections comfortably, their real test will be in the Karnataka state elections, which will be the semi-final tie before the General Elections in 2019.

From Mr Srikanth Mahadevan


A landmark decision

The Indian Supreme court’s verdict for allowing passive euthanasia is appreciated (“India’s top court allows passive euthanasia”, Gulf News March 10). Euthanasia is a painless killing of a patient who is suffering from incurable disease, and who should be allowed to die in a graceful way. As long as there is a will, the terminally ill patient’s desire should be fulfilled in a dignified way. We all remember Nurse Aruna Ramchandra Shanbaug who was raped in 1973 by an assistant and was in a coma for 42 years at King Edward Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. It was the journalist Pinki Virani who sought permission and fought so that she could be euthanised, but the Supreme Court denied permission then and Shanbaug passed away in May 2015. Her suffering was unbearable. It is difficult to see our loved ones suffering, with no chance of survival. I feel it’s best to be allowed euthanasia in such cases. We would only be helping them. As the court observed one has the right to die with dignity.

From Mr Eappen Elias


Biased selectors and board

It is shocking news that our former Indian seam bowler, who was in-charge of spotting the Under 19 (U-19) World Cup winning team, has resigned from his post, citing personal reasons. It is really shameful of the Board of Cricket Control (BCCI) who jumped to reward the senior selection team, just to reach the finals of the Champions Trophy. We lost miserably to Pakistan in England, failed to recognise the efforts of Venkatesh Pasad and his team. Ironically, even former cricketer Anil Kumble, was treated the same way by the biased BCCI and was forced to quit his job in disgust. God save Indian Cricket from such biased administrators!

From Mr N. Mahadevan


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