From a previous annual rate of improvement of two to three per cent in school standards to an eight per cent jump this year, the quality of private school education in Dubai has arrived at a very happy place. This is the highest rate of improvement recorded so far and the Dubai School Inspection Bureau’s report reveals that 61 per cent of students today are studying in private schools rated ‘good’ or higher. This is a clear indication of how effective the strategies of Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) are. The entity’s periodic school inspection strategy is producing the desired outcomes.

Quality of education is at the heart of a dynamic knowledge-based society and the UAE’s commitment to being one of the most vigorous knowledge repositories is predicated on this goal. The more a school fosters student excellence, the better is the future of the society as these young minds get programmed to be the creative impetus for the future. Aiding this outcome is the virtue of Dubai’s competitive education market that pushes schools to outdo each other in every aspect and the ultimate beneficiary of this is the student. With a majority of students in Dubai attending private schools, this competitive spirit augurs well for the future.

Another great motivator is KHDA’s school inspection reports’ special focus on the UAE National Agenda and the extent to which schools are prepared to meet their National Agenda targets.

Further fail-proofing its strategy, the KHDA also examines and assesses every fresh application for the opening of a new school. On an average, one in four applications is rejected for failing to conform to the strictest standards. The results of such well-defined strategies are clearly working their magic.