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Rain in UAE, unstable weather seen until Monday

National Centre of Meteorology warns motorists of poor visibility due to sand and dust storms

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Dubai: Heavy rainfall filled up wadis and dams in the UAE’s northern areas on Sunday night, while fog blanketed parts of the country on Monday morning.

Meanwhile, the skies over the country will continue to be cloudy to partly cloudy on Monday with a continuation of rain expected over the northern and eastern parts.

Warning to seafarers

As cloud amounts continue to increase over scattered parts of the country, it will be associated with different intensities of rain that may be thundery at times.

Crew members of vessels are advised to exercise caution in the Arabian Gulf and the Sea of Oman during this period.

Weather forecasters explained that the country is under the effect of a Red Sea trough on the surface — accompanied by an upper trough with cold air mass from the north resulting in a gradual increase in cloud amount with rainfall.

The trough is moving from west to east.

Meanwhile, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) reported fogging over the country's south-west, including Madinat Zayed until about 7.45am on Monday.

The clouds are expected to gradually clear by nightfall. The sea, however, will be moderate in the Arabian Gulf, becoming rough in cloud activity over Oman Sea.

On its twitter page, the UAE’s Storm Centre posted a video of Sunday night’s storm in the south of Fujairah. 

The NCM on Monday said that the weather will remain cloudy for most of the day, with a strong chance of rain in the coastal areas.

By nightfall, the weather will become stable and clouds will gradually disappear, with southeasterly-northeasterly winds of 18-28km/h.

Here's a video showing an overflowing wadi in Al Qoor, in Ras Al Khaimah, during Sunday's storm.

Strong gust of winds as high as 38km/h will blow across the coastal areas, leading to poor road visibility at times. 

The temperature will reach highs of 25C-29C in coastal areas, 26C-31C in internal areas and 18C-22C in the mountain region. 

Residents had welcomed the start of the week with dark skies and thick clouds hovering over the city, as rain fell across the UAE on Sunday.   

Different intensities of rain were reported from Dubai and Sharjah to Ras Al Khaimah, as rain continued throughout the day. 

Temperatures were brought down to a cool maximum of 22C-28C in coastal and internal areas, and 8C-22C in the mountain region.

The UAE’s Storm Centre posted videos of the rain lashing out in Al Rams and the northern part of Ras Al Khaimah, which was uploaded on a number of social networking sites. 


The first wave of showers started in Abu Dhabi, as residents were quick to post online videos of the rain that brought respite from last week’s heat.


The NCM reported rain over Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi city, and Mohammad Bin Zayed City, in addition to other areas in the emirate.  



The country is set for fluctuating weather patterns over the next few days, according to the NCM.

Strong southeasterly-northeasterly winds will pick up dust and sand, with weather forecasters warning motorists to take all precautions on the roads as winds wil blow from 16-30km/h, and is expected to peak to as high as 55km/h.

The NCM also called upon residents to stay away from waterways, especially those near the highlands.

The cold air mass intensifed on Sunday causing unstable conditions to prevail over the country.