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Pasha Dance Theatre comes to Global Village

Fairy-tale performance showcases love story of Turkish lord and his maid

  • The Pasha Dance Theater to Dubai. A story of love and immortality, the cultures of the Middle-East, the BalkImage Credit: Global Village
  • For the first time ever, Global Village, the region’s leading multicultural festival park, is bringing the theImage Credit: Global Village
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Dubai: For the first time ever, Global Village is bringing the Pasha Dance Theatre featuring theatrical dance performances to Dubai. A story of love and immortality, the cultures of the Middle-East, the Balkan Peninsula and Anatolia come together in this fairy-tale performance.

In the beautifully choreographed piece of theatre, a team of 45 professional dancers dressed in colourful and regal costumes, tells a story about the love between the Pasha, a high-ranking Turkish lord and a beautiful, young maid.

The plot slowly begins to unravel with the lines, “Once upon a time” and takes viewers back in time to the ancient land of Anatolia, where the Pasha takes guests on a visual dance journey to rescue his kidnapped love. The dance opens with the introduction of the Pasha through bold, strong dance movements followed by graceful, oriental dancing with the introduction of the young maid.

Using vibrant folkloric dance forms such as the Horon dance of the Black Sea, the strong Zeibeks dance steps and oriental dancing while adapting them to the modern style dance, the passionate scenes of the plot convey the tale through stunning visual imagery in the background, opening the doors to the fabled city of Antalya in Turkey, to the world.

The scenic beauty of the southern region of Turkey is showcased with moving images on the screen of the stage and the entire story comes alive, taking the spectator to a different world belonging to an ancient time.

An absolute must-watch, Pasha Dance Theatre, is among many culturally-rich shows being performed at Global Village. There will be three shows a day until April 2.




Global Village operates seven days a week and opens its gates to visitors from Saturday to Wednesday from 4pm to 12am, and till 1am on Thursdays and Fridays.