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Al Sissi praises Trump’s stance on Qatar

Trump plays an important role “in forming a united front against terrorism”

Gulf News

CAIRO: Egypt President Abdul Fattah Al Sissi has praised President Trump for his role in “the formation of a united front to combat terrorism” after he called on Qatar to stop its financial support of extremist groups.

Al Sissi’s phone call on Saturday came after the US president echoed accusations made against Qatar by a Saudi-led group that cut diplomatic ties with the small oil-rich country earlier this week.

Al Sissi thanked Trump for his participation in a counter-terrorism summit in Riyadh last May, in which he abandoned some of the harsh anti-Muslim rhetoric of his presidential campaign and vowed to fight terrorism in partnership with Middle East leaders.

The escalating crisis in the Gulf erupted this week when Saudi Arabia,UAE, Egypt and Bahrain cut diplomatic ties with Qatar.