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Gargash: Al Houthis have seized resources

Executions of GPC leaders shows true face of Al Houthis, says Gargash

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ABU DHABI: UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr Anwar Mohammad Gargash said in a tweet on Saturday that Al Houthis had seized control of the Yemeni state’s authority and their resources in Sana’a, and are aiming to seize their funds.

“With the ongoing liquidation of the General People’s Congress party and its members in the Al Houthi-controlled areas, the large-scale looting of Yemen’s resources will become very obvious. The cover of the previous partnership was exposed, and the financial cost [borne by Yemen] of the coup terrorist militia will be soon clear.”

Gargash said the recent executions of leaders of the GPC, the party of murdered former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, had shown the true face of Al Houthis.

He said in a series of tweets: “Al Houthis are holding onto power in Sana’a, and their grip on the state’s income, estimated at $3.5 to $5 billion a year, is money spent only on its supporters and terrorist militias.” In another tweet, he said, “Studies show despite the war, importation of cars into areas under Al Houthi control, and construction of homes for its supporters is witnessing a big boom, of course funding is from the looted state treasury.”