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Saudi wife divorced for ignoring husband's Whatsapp messages

Man says being ignored was final straw after woman neglected child due to smartphone addiction

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Manama: A Saudi man has divorced his wife of two years after she ignored his Whatsapp messages despite being an avid smartphone user.

The husband, in his 30s, was frustrated by his wife’s seemingly endless interest in using her phone for chatting with friends and family.

He said she spent most of her time on the phone to the point that she neglected looking after their home and taking care of their child, local news site Al Weam reported.

He added that his best efforts to remedy to the situation has failed.

The wife said she needed to be on her smartphone to keep in touch with her family and friends.

However, the situation deteriorated when the husband tried to get in touch with his wife and called her from his office, but she didn't answer the phone.

He sent her messages on Whatsapp and knew she had read them because of the latest update on the application.

He became worried and decided to leave work and go home to see what was wrong with her. When he arrived, he found her sitting in the living room, watching television.

He asked her why she didn't answer him or acknowledged his messages. When she answered that she was too busy talking with her friend to answer his calls or his messages, he decided to divorce her.

Most online readers posted they were shocked by the domestic situation of the couple and the breakup of their marriage resulting mainly from their irresponsible behaviour and inability to deal with the issue rationally.

The wife was blamed for her negligence and carelessness while the husband was criticised for allowing the situation to go so far.



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The husband should have taken his wife to her parents and left herthere, that when she is done with her friends and whatsapp message, shecan come back. This could have happened in presence of her parents. Butsuch a decision is wrong so quickly, despite the fact that divorcing isHalal in Islam, but after efforts of saving the relationship. On theother hand, YES, whatsapp and being busy on phones has become a majorproblem at homes, not with wives only, but with everyone.


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