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Two killed in Oman road accidents

Police urge pedestrians to use footbridges and motorists to exercise caution while driving

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Muscat: Two people were killed in traffic accidents in Oman over the weekend, according to a report on the Director General of Traffic website.

In Samayil, about 90km northwest of Muscat, a woman was run over when she jumped over an iron barricade to cross a road. “One vehicle managed to avoid her and hit the side railing but another car coming from behind couldn’t avoid hitting the pedestrian, who died on the spot,” the report said.

In another accident in the Jawev area near Shinas, about 300km north of Muscat, a speeding motorist died when he hit an electric pole at high speed. The car was split into two, killing the driver.

At the same time, relentless efforts by the Royal Oman Police (ROP) has helped reduce fatalities from traffic accidents this year according to the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI).

Statistics released by NCSI indicate that the number of road accident victims stood at 361 from January to May, 77 less deaths due to road accidents compared to the same period in 2012.

Besides setting up speed radars across the country and increasing patrolling, the ROP have also carried out a series of awareness programmes across communities to reduce the number accidents.

The ROP measures are bearing fruits with a five-fold decline in the number road accidents in the country this year so far.

“The official pointed out that reckless driving is a major cause runover accidents,” a spokesman for the ROP said.

The ROP also hold jay walkers responsible for accidents involving pedestrians.

“Some pedestrians, particularly expatriates, cross overcrowded roads in undesignated places instead of using pedestrian overpasses or zebra crossings,” he noted.

“Some rash drivers are so negligent that they do not stop when they see pedestrians crossing roads,” he added.

He also advised pedestrians to make sure that no cars were driving along the part of the road they wished to cross and, above all, they should try their best to use footbridges or underpasses.

The ROP spokesman urged motorists to exercise caution while driving, and abide by the rules for their own safety and that of others.