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Heavy vehicles in Oman caused 44 deaths in 2012

ROP urges companies to train drivers in road safety and traffic laws

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Muscat: Increasing road accidents involving heavy vehicles in Oman has promoted the traffic department at the Royal Oman Police (ROP) to issue an appeal to companies to train drivers in the road ethics to avoid traffic fatalities.

“Last year 44 people died due to accidents involving heavy vehicles,” a spokesman for Traffic Department said in a statement issued by ROP’s public relations department today.

“Speeding and wrong overtaking are some of the major factors that cause fatal accidents by heavy vehicles in the country,” he pointed out, adding that the drivers of trucks tend to change lanes without warning, endangering lives of other motorists.

He said that due to speeding the drivers tend to lose control and while overtaking they slow down causing tail back.

He also believes that overloaded trucks run the risk of tyre burst resulting in deadly accidents. “Overloading of trucks also damages the road network,” he said.

The police spokesman also advised companies to conduct awareness courses for their drivers. “The drivers should be aware of road ethics, the amount and kind of cargo that they carry and also streets inside city where they cannot go,” he added.

He said that to reduce fatal accidents caused by heavy vehicles, everyone should join hands with ROP.