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Saudi religious scholar urges Eid honour for women

Need to show gratitude for sacrifices throughout Ramadan

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Manama: A Saudi religious scholar has urged all husbands to show gratitude to their wives on Eid days by offering them gifts.

“Wives have put tremendous efforts throughout the month of Ramadan, especially in the kitchen, even though they were fasting,” Shaikh Anas Bin Saeed Bin Misfar posted on his Twitter account. “The least that can be done is to honour them by offering them gifts. They deserve to be pampered after all the fatigue related to their efforts in Ramadan,” he said.

Mothers should also be honoured for their efforts, the scholar added.

“In fact, all women in the home, including sisters and daughters, should be treated with generosity. When a man is generous with women, he is truly special,” he said.

Muslim men and women are expected to abstain from food and drink throughout the lunar month from sunrise until sunset.

Even though the month is associated with fasting, special care is exerted by all families to ensure that a wide variety of palatable food is served at the end of the fast and throughout the evening when relatives and friends visit.

The culinary traditions have put extra pressure on women forced to spend hours in the kitchen.

Domestic helpers working in the Gulf, mainly from Asia and Africa, have often complained about the extra chores and housework they have to endure to meet the special demands made by families.

The call by the Saudi scholar was hailed as a “highly positive attitude” that would reinforce relations and boost morale.

Eid Al Fitr is the feast celebrated at the end of Ramadan. It usually lasts three days.



Latest Comment

Indeed a positive gesture from the scholar. But he should also have highlighted the fact that it is the cultural practices of Muslims which has turned the month of fasting to a month of feasting. This change in attitude is the root cause of the added pressure on mothers and sisters across kitchens.

Muhammad Iqbal

7 August 2013 13:55jump to comments