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Mix-up leaves couple without monthly groceries

Husband placed items in wrong car after unlocking its boot

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Manama: A Bahraini couple lost their monthly groceries after the husband mistakenly placed them in the boot of another car.

The man and his wife had finished their shopping in a complex in the capital Manama and headed to their car.

However, the wife told him that she had forgotten to buy other items and wanted to continue shopping. She asked him to put what was in the trolley in the car and to join her at the shop, local Arabic daily Akhbar Al Kahleej reported on Sunday.

The husband opened the boot, placed the goods inside, and went back inside the shopping complex.

When the couple arrived home, they were shocked to discover that the boot was empty.

The man recalled that a car of the same model and colour as his was parked in the shopping complex and that he mistakenly placed the purchased items in its boot after unlocking it with the key.

The couple felt unfortunate that their car key could open the wrong car’s boot and that the husband did not realise his mistake until they arrived home.