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Bahrain rejects Amnesty report as one-sided

Report contains erroneous information, claims not supported by evidence

Gulf News

Dubai: Bahrain has rejected a report by Amnesty International, saying that it was one-sided and that it included “erroneous information and inaccuracies that are not based on facts or evidence.”

A statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that it was looking forward to reports by Amnesty International that are up to the professionalism and neutrality levels required in such reports.

Amnesty said its report shows how the government, between June 2016 and June 2017, used tactics “to crush civil society.”

However, the ministry said that while it would look into the report, it expressed concern about lack of fairness and absence of neutrality.

“While the Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirms it will study the report, it hopes that the reports of Amnesty International will be fair, will not rely on sources that express the views of one side only, and draw information from all relevant institutions in order to be objective and ensure that there is no selectivity in the human rights discourse,” the ministry said in its statement carried by Bahrain News Agency.

“The ministry stresses the commitment of the Kingdom of Bahrain to respecting and promoting freedoms and the principles of human rights in accordance with the laws and the constitution and in line with its commitment to international conventions and consistent with its cultural and civilisational heritage and religious values that guarantee tolerance, equality and justice.”