What is a lifetime investor visa
Picture used for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Gulf News archives

Dubai: If you are an aspiring business person or plan to invest in a UAE-based business, you would need to apply for an investor visa or a partner visa.

An investor or partner visa, which is issued to business owners and investors in the UAE, is valid for three years and allows the visa holder to sponsor family members as well as domestic workers in the UAE. If you wish to apply for such a visa, these are the requirements you need to meet.

Step 1 - Applying for an entry permit

You would first need to visit an immigration department, a Tasheel centre or a typing centre near you and apply for an entry permit.

These are the documents that you would be required to submit:

• Sponsor’s original Emirates ID

• Trade Licence Copy

• Establishment Card

• Memorandum Papers (MOA)

• Partner’s passport copy

• One photograph with white background.

• Partner’s current visa (if the applicant is inside the UAE)

• Bank Account IBAN Number of the sponsor

At this stage, you would also need to fill out the medical test application and Emirates ID application, which are available at these centres.

Step 2 – Get medical fitness test

You would then need to visit a government health centre to get your medical fitness test done. You can select the location of the health centre closest to you, while filling out the application form mentioned earlier.

Step 3 – Get the Emirates ID

Take the Emirates ID application, which was typed at the Amer centre, to a Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship centre. A list of all the centres is provided here.

Take the following documents with you:

• Emirates ID application of the family members

• Your original Emirates ID

• Photograph of your family members

If you have never had your Emirates ID made, you will need to provide biometric data like your finger print and an iris scan. This is only applicable for people 18 years and above.

Step 4 – Apply for health insurance

Health insurance is mandatory in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. However, even if you are applying for an investor visa from another emirate, it is always advisable to get some form of medical coverage, as medical costs can pile up quickly during a health emergency.

To know more about how to get your health insurance, read our detailed report here

Step 5 – Get the visa stamped

Finally, you would need to once again visit the centre that you went to, for your initial entry permit submission. There, you would need to fill in a visa stamping form and submit your passport.

The passport, with the stamped visa, will be delivered to you through the registered courier service.

How much does it cost?

The cost for an investor visa varies depending on whether you are inside the UAE or outside the country:

Visa cost (Inside country)

• Entry Permit Partner Visa Inside - Dh1,175

• Change Status - Dh675

• Emirates ID application - Dh405

• Medical Test- Normal - Dh322.5

• Health Insurance cost, depending on the policy you choose

• Visa Stamping - Dh870

Visa cost (Outside country)

• Entry Permit – Dh525

• Emirates ID application - Dh405

• Medical Test- Normal – Dh322.5

• Health Insurance cost, depending on the policy you choose

• Visa Stamping – Dh870