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Dubai: Whether you wish to fly a drone or any type of glider in the UAE, it is important to be aware of the registration procedures and safety regulations surrounding their use, whether for recreational or work purposes.

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How to register a drone with GCAA

You can apply for your Unmanned Aircraft System (UAE) or drone registration online by following these steps:

1. Visit the GCAA website.

2. Upload the following documents:

a. Valid Emirates ID Copy

b. The UAS/Drone serial number

c. Coloured photo of the UAS/Drone

3. Submit your application.

GCAA will review all documentation for registration process and only issue the UAS/Drone Registration Certificate, when it is satisfied that all the required information and submitted documents are in line with the requirements and are acceptable.

If you wish to contact the GCAA, you can do so on the following numbers:

Abu Dhabi - 02 4447666

Dubai - 04 2828270

Phone from outside the UAE: +971 4 2111777

Gliders awareness

The Ministry of Interior also launched a month-long ‘Gliders Awareness Campaign’ in December 2020, educating people about the need to adhere to safety regulations. Here is all you need to know about operating these air-borne machines.

What is a glider?

There are different types of gliders which you can operate in the UAE. The Ministry of Interior provides the following categories of gliders, which require registration and licencing:

Paraglide: A paraglide is made of fabric and nylon that flies down from heights and hills, and its size depends on the weight of the passenger.

Paramotor: A plane with a seat and a small engine with a propeller on the passenger’s back and a cruise control device that relies on foot launch and taking off.

Paratrike: A plane that has a metal frame and three wheels with an engine and a fixed propeller that helps it take off and land, such as the two-seat Microlight plane, which only requires a 30-meter runway.

How to register your glider

To practice glider plane activities, you must register yourself as well as your plane under one of the clubs approved by the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA):

• Abu Dhabi Light Sports Club

• Al Jazeera Club in Ras Al Khaimah

Where you cannot fly

Practising light aviation sports is prohibited in the following areas:

• Crowded places.

• Restricted areas of the airspace.

• Near individuals, buildings, vehicles or private properties.

• Near airports and helipads.

The Ministry of Interior provides the following advice for aviation sports enthusiasts: “Remember that endangering the safety and security of aircraft, passengers, and air navigation may make you liable to permanent or temporary imprisonment. Legalising, participating with, or concealing the perpetrator of this crime shall also be punished by law. Violation of the laws make you legally liabile and puts you and others at risk.”