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Dubai: If you are ever in need of contacting the police authorities in the UAE, it is not necessary to visit a police station to receive their service.

UAE’s police authorities can be contacted through the Ministry of Interior’s (MOI) e-police service, which is available on the Ministry’s smartphone app – 'MOI UAE'.

File any police report

The Ministry of Interior has launched the e-police service for mobile phone users, which allows users of its smart application to communicate with and process transactions related to police stations across the UAE.

While there are over 30 services available under the police services category, the following services are the most commonly used, according to the Ministry of Interior:

- File a financial report (bounced cheques or insufficient funds)

- Reporting an accident

- Theft related

- Missing person

- Missing Items

“Customers can access a set of smart services, complete their transactions and submit their notifications related to police stations through the smart application, wherever they may be, regardless of their location. This ensures the provision of high-quality services, saves time and develops police work,” a statement from the Ministry said.

Even if you wish to visit a police station nearby, the app can identify your location and provide information on the nearest police stations.

How can I use the service?

So, how can you use the e-police service? Follow these steps:

1. Download the MOI UAE app and register.

2. Click on the ‘service’ catalog and select the ‘police’ service.

3. You will then receive a list of services, from which you can make the selection.

How to register with the Ministry of Interior app
You can register with the Ministry of Interior app using your UAE PASS details or with your Emirates ID.
If you want to register using your Emirates ID, follow these steps:
1. Enter your Emirates ID number.
2. The system will detect the mobile number registered with the Emirates ID and ask for confirmation, before sending a one-time password on it. If you do not recognise the mobile number, or are using a new number, here is how you can update the mobile number registered with your Emirates ID.
3. You will then be asked to set your username and password, along with providing an email address.

“Through this service you can file a financial report, theft report or other incidents right from the scene without the need to visit the police station. You can seamlessly initiate the incident report via writing, voice message, photo, or even a video. You can report incidents, follow up on the status of incidents reported and get updates instantly from the same place,” the Ministry added.

The service is provided across the UAE.