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Dubai: The UAE is consistently ranked as one of the safest countries in the world. In its efforts to combat crime and ensure social safety, the UAE’s authorities have now opened up a service where community members can provide their inputs to police authorities on any unsolved crimes, where more evidence or testimonies may be needed.

The Ministry of Interior launched the ‘unsolved crimes’ service, which is in its pilot phase, to enhance social responsibility. It is a smart service on the Ministry's application (MOI UAE) that welcomes community contribution with police authorities to enhancing security and safety and combating fighting crime.

“The service is an interactive platform via smart phones that enables citizens and residents inside and outside the country to provide any relevant information, data or valuable evidence that may help uncover unknown cases with complete confidentiality and in line with legal procedures and in an updated, easy and smart way that works to strengthen community partnership between the police and the public,” the Ministry said.

The service was recently launched by the Ministry of Interior and is being continuously monitored. The society’s as well as specialists’ recommendations are taken into consideration in order to develop and update it, according to the Ministry.

So, if you have witnessed a crime and would like to help the police authorities solve it, these are the steps to follow.

How you can report on an unsolved crime

The service is available on the Ministry of Interior’s app, which is available for Android and Google phones. Once you download the app, you can register using your Emirates ID. However, if you do not wish to do so, you can also submit your report anonymously. Next, follow these steps:

1. Select the ‘Unsolved crimes’ option under the ‘Police’ category on the service catalogue.

2. Accept the terms and conditions for using the service, which include providing accurate information and not using the service for malicious purposes.

3. You will be asked if you are reporting a recent crime, or one that is about to happen. If you select ‘yes’, you will be prompted to call the police hotline on 999. This service is for crimes that have already occurred and remain unsolved. When you select ‘No’, you will be taken to the next step of the process.

4. Select the location where the crime occurred on the map provided. The map will already provide the unsolved crimes registered with police authorities across the UAE. These could be any crimes like homicides or theft.

5. Fill in the details – you will be given the option to send your report anonymously or by sharing your details.

6. Enter details of the crime, including the number of people or vehicles involved, the date and time of the incident as well as any other details.

7. Next, you will be asked to provide any other information you may have on any suspects or vehicles you may have seen at the scene of the crime and upload any images related to the incident.

8. Click Submit.

All these details will be shared with the police authorities.

Can I use the service anonymously?

Yes, the service provides users with the option to report what they may have witnessed anonymously.

What are the different types of crimes that can be reported?

• Terror

• Human trafficking

• Arson

• Assault

• Burglary

• Drugs/ Alcohol Cases

• Homicide

• Motor vehicle theft

• Vehicle break-in/ Theft

• Theft/ Larceny

• Robbery

• Weapon

• Electronic Crimes

• Kidnapping

So, if you do happen to witness a crime and wish to help the police in their investigation, this is the most convenient way of playing your role as a responsible member of the community.