Dubai: Moving out? Here’s how to deactivate your DEWA water and electricity connection
Disconnect your electricity and water bill online through DEWA official website and app. Image Credit: RODNAE/Pexels

DUBAI: Are you moving out? If so, disconnecting your DEWA connection is one of the most important steps when shifting. As part of Dubai government’s digitisation initiative, the disconnection procedure for electricity and water can be done entirely online through DEWA’s official website –

Here is how to apply for the deactivation of electricity and water through the DEWA website.


1. Log on to -

2. Click on ‘Menu’ on the left side of the screen, then click on ‘Consumer’, and then on ‘Supply Management.’

3. Click on the ‘Deactivation of Electricity/Water (Move Out)’ service

4. You will be directed to the service page. Choose Deactivation of Electricity/Water (Move-out).

5. Click on the continue button.

6. You will be asked to log in using your Dewa account or the UAE Pass. What is UAE Pass? Read here. If you use the UAE Pass, the DEWA website will automatically recognise and register your phone number, email address and Emirates ID. But, you will need to manually enter your PO Box and Business Partner number. You can find your Business Partner number under your Account Number on your DEWA Bill. 

If you do not have an account with DEWA and want to apply for the service without logging in, you will need to enter Contract Account Number (ten-digit number) and Premise Number (nine-digit number). You can find both of these numbers on your DEWA bill.

DEWA bill explanation
How to understand your DEWA Bill Image Credit: Screenshot/

After entering the necessary information, you can now start filling out the application.

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7. Select the account number, the number can be found on your DEWA bill.

8. Click the proceed button.

9. Fill out the details:

  • Phone number.
  • Email address.
  • Choose the disconnection date and time.
  • In an awareness video posted by Dewa, they advise applicants to type ‘I will apply for a refund later’ in the ‘Refund To’ space.

10. Tick the ‘I agree to the terms and conditions’ and click the ‘Submit’ button.

11. Review the summary of your details and click the ‘Confirm’ button. The submission is done, and the final bill will be processed within 24 hours.

tap water stock image
After completing the application for DEWA disconnection, you will receive your final bill after 24 hours by email. Image Credit: Nithin PA/Pexels

Applying through the app

  • You can also request for the service on the Dewa app, if you have an account online.
  • Once you log in to your account through the app, follow the steps above to complete the service.

How much does the service cost?

Dh100 for disconnecting electricity and water (small meters).

Dh300 for disconnecting electricity and water meters (large meters).

Dh10 for the knowledge fee.

Dh10 for innovation fee

When do I receive my final DEWA bill?

The final bill will be processed within 24 hours, and you will receive it by email.

It is important to note that the request for disconnection is accepted during working days from 5am to 7pm.