Stock Doha skyline Qatar
If you pre-register your vehicle on the Hayya Portal, you can access the fast-track lane at the Abu Samra border, Picture used for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: If you are driving to Qatar from the UAE via Saudi Arabia, you can now skip border queues by pre-registering your vehicle and travel details on the Hayya Portal –, according to an announcement made by Qatar’s Ministry of Interior (MOI) on Sunday, April 16.

In order to cross through the Abu Samra border, you will first have to travel to Saudi Arabia from the UAE and and head towards the border town of Salwa.

The pre-registration process for the Abu Samra border.

Step 1: Create an account on the Hayya Portal

- Visit the Hayya Portal - and click on ‘Abu Samra border pre-registration’.
- If you do not have an account, click on ‘Sign Up’.
- Enter your email address and click on ‘Send Verification Code’. Enter the verification sent to your email and create . a password.
- You will then be transferred to the website for the Abu Samra border registration -
- Click on the ‘Pre-registration’ button.
- Sign in with your new account details.

Step 2: Enter vehicle registration details

- Click on the ‘Add Vehicle’ Button.
- Enter car name – which is the car model and manufacturer's name.
- Enter the vehicle owner’s name and mobile number.
- Select which GCC country the vehicle is registered in.
- If you selected UAE, select the Emirate that the vehicle is registered under.
- Enter car’s plate number.
- Select the vehicle type as ‘Private’ and select the plate colour.
- Click on ‘Submit’.
- If you select a one-way trip, enter the date of arrival. Otherwise, enter your arrival and departure date for Qatar.
- Once you have submitted your vehicle registration details, you will receive a notification that the request has been made and that the application is currently ‘pending’.

Step 3: Upload the required documents

- You will receive an SMS and email once the details are verified. You can then submit the necessary documents and details, which include:
• A passport copy.
• A Qatar entry permit for GCC residents – you must apply for the visa before pre-registering your vehicle. Click here for a complete guide on how to apply for Qatar entry permit via the new Hayya Portal. The permit costs QAR100 (Dh100.49).
• UAE residence visa or GCC resident permit (if you are a GCC resident).
• Valid Passport copy
• Passport details – nationality, passport issue and expiry date.
- After you have submitted the application, you need to make sure you complete all your vehicle insurance payments 24 hours before your arrival at the Abu Samra border check point, according to MOI Qatar.

Step 4: Receive the vehicle entry permit via email

- After you have submitted the documents, you will receive a tracking status number on your mobile and email address. Once the application is approved by the Hayya Portal, you will receive an email with the vehicle entry permit, which allows you access to the Pre-Registration lane at the Abu Samra border crossing.