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Dubai: Fully vaccinated passengers travelling to Pakistan from the UAE do not have to do the mandatory pre-departure COVID-19 PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test, which is taken within 48 hours of the flight’s departure time. The update was announced by Pakistan’s National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) on Wednesday, February 23 and comes into effect from February 24. However unvaccinated travellers still have to undergo PCR testing, according to NCOC’s latest announcement.

Also, on February 22, updates were announced for passengers travelling from Pakistan, India and some other countries to the UAE, with a rapid PCR test at the departing airport no longer needed for inbound passengers.

So if you are planning to travel to Pakistan and are confused about the latest travel guidelines, such as the requirement for COVID-19 testing, vaccination and quarantine in Pakistan, here is a comprehensive guide to keep you up to date.

Latest PCR test requirements for arrivals

Depending on the status of your COVID-19 vaccination, here are the PCR test requirements as per NCOC’s announcement.

Vaccinated travellers (those who have received both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine)

• Pre-departure negative PCR test abolished for fully vaccinated inbound travellers.

• Mandatory COVID-19 vaccine for all inbound passengers unless they have a valid vaccination exemption form.

Unvaccinated travellers

• Unvaccinated individuals over 12 years require pre-departure negative PCR test result that was conducted 72 hours before the flight.

• Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT) on arrival for deportees and unvaccinated passengers at border terminals.

Approved PCR testing labs

If you fall under the category of passengers who still need to get a PCR test done, it is important to note that your PCR test result will only be valid if it is conducted by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved labs.

You can find the complete list of approved labs here:


You will be required to quarantine if you test positive for COVID-19. NCOC stated that positive cases have to home quarantine for 10 days.

Upon Arrival

According to Pakistan International Airlines PIA’s website, all passengers are required to fill in the Personal Declaration of Origin and Health form and hand it over to the Health Department Staff present at the airport upon arrival.

Download the form here:

COVID-19 vaccination requirements for Pakistan

According NCOC’s latest circular published on Februrary 7, 2022, the are the COVID-19 vaccination protocol for inbound travellers to Pakistan:

• All Pakistani citizens and foreigners above the age of 18 years old are required to present their COVID-19 vaccination certificate with both doses completed before boarding.

Categories exempt from vaccination

As per NCOC on February 23, these are the categories exempt from mandatory vaccination:

• Passengers below 12 years old are exempted from mandatory vaccination.

• Passengers between the ages of 12 to 18 are allowed to travel without mandatory vaccination till March 31, 2022.

• A Pakistani citizen or foreigner with a valid medical reason for the COVD-19 vaccination exemption should be issued by a doctor (certificate from a classified specialist) are allowed to enter Pakistan without a vaccination certificate.

The Pass track App

The Pass track application is the official COVID-19 travel app for Pakistani citizens and visitors. Before boarding the flight, passengers must download the app, which is available for Apple and Android devices. The app requires travellers to provide essential medical and travel information. The app records the passengers’ information, related to their flight details and PCR test result.

If the passenger does not have the Pass Track App they can register through the web portal

If the passenger does not have the Pass Track App they can register through the web portal

Step-by-step guide for the Pass Track App

1. First, download the app from iOS App Store or Google Play store.

2. Log in or create an account. If you do not have an account, here is the information you will need to provide:

• Full name
• Email Address
• Mobile Number
• Create and confirm your password.

3. Once you have logged in or created an account, tap on the green button below and tap ‘add new form’.

4. Form for Pakistani nationals:

Fill in personal information:
• Full Name
• Father/Husband’s name
• CNIC (Computerised National Identity Card)
• Passport number
• Gender
• Date of Birth
• Phone Number
• Email
• Upload passport photo

5. Travel information

• Country you are travelling from
• Point of Entry
• Departure date
• Arrival date
• Arrival Time
• No. of children below the age of 12
• Address in Pakistan
• City/District
• Tehsil (sub-division of district)

6. After completing the travel information:

• Scan your CNIC through a QR scanner
• Click on the small scan icon on the right side of screen
• A screen appears, scan your CNIC by placing your CNIC card in front of your mobile phone camera

. For foreigners:

• Full name
• Father/Husband’s name
• Date of Birth
• Passport number
• Email
• Upload passport photo
• Arrival Aiport
• Number of connecting flights
• Address (it will be your proposed quarantine location)
• Your Arrival and departure date

8. After filling in your information, scan your passport:

• Click on the small scan icon on the right side of screen
• A screen appears, scan your passport by placing your passport behind your mobile phone.

Passengers will also have to upload their negative PCR test results after completing the application process. After that your tracking ID and travel information will be displayed on the app. You will need to present this to immigration and public health officials’ at the airport.