Sharjah Safari welcomes birth of second African savanna elephant
Among the animals that you will be able to see will be baby Tarthooth, whose birth was announced last month by the Environment and Protected Areas Authority (EPAA) in Sharjah. Image Credit: WAM

Dubai: Craving an African adventure without leaving the UAE? How about heading to Sharjah’s Al Dhaid area, where you will find meticulously recreated African habitats at the Sharjah Safari Park.

Inaugurated in 2022, the park extends over an area of eight square kilometres and is the largest safari in the world outside Africa. Here you will find more than 120 species of animals that live in Africa and up to 50,000 animals. Whether it is the lion, the African elephant, or a wildebeest, you will find them all at this safari experience.

What to expect

At the Sharjah Safari Park, different environments have been recreated, inspired by all parts of Africa. They represent the life and terrain of the continent, and the animals and birds that live in it. Here are some of the sections that bring to life the African wilderness at the park:

1. To Africa: In this area you will get a walking experience and explore the wildlife endemic to the islands and archipelagos scattered along the eastern coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean.
2. The Sahel is represented by deserts, pastures, and diverse wildlife.
3. The Savannah is a tropical grassland and is home to the largest concentration of biodiversity on Earth.
4. The Serengeti celebrates the largest migration of animals in the world every year.
5. The Ngorongoro, formed from an extinct crater, is a unique ecosystem and home to some of Africa’s most famous species.
6. Moremi is inspired by the canyons and valleys of southwest Africa that were formed over centuries by heavy monsoon rains.

Plan your visit

Gear up for adventure: Pack a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, comfortable walking shoes, binoculars, a camera, and a reusable water bottle to stay hydrated throughout your exploration.

Choose your Safari experience: Depending on what you are looking for, there are different packages to choose from. The cost listed below does not include Value Added Tax (VAT):

Bronze Package

This budget-friendly option offers a walking safari through the ‘Into Africa’ zone and Zanzibar Village, and is perfect for a quick introduction to the park.

Adults - Dh40+VAT
Children (ages 3-12) - Dh15+VAT
Child under three years of age – free
Approximate duration: 1-2 hours

Silver Package

Ideal for a more comprehensive experience, this package includes everything in the Bronze package, plus a safari tour through various habitats and a stop at the Safari Camp.

Adults - Dh120+VAT
Children (ages 3-12) - Dh50+VAT
Child under three years of age – free
Approximate duration: 2 to 4 hours

Gold Package

Immerse yourself in the ultimate safari adventure with a personal guide, a walking safari in the Serengeti, and everything included in the Silver package. You can also turn this experience into a private Gold tour.

Adults – Dh275+VAT
Children (ages 3-12) – Dh120+VAT
Child under three years of age – free
Approximate duration: 3 to 5 hours

Gold private tours:

Game Viewer (maximum 9 person): Dh2,250+VAT
Safari Van (maximum 6 person): Dh1,500.00+VAT
Safari Coach (max 15 person): Dh3,500.00+VAT

How to get there

Situated within the Al Bardi Reserve in the city of Al Dhaid, you can get to Sharjah Safari Park via the Khorfakkan Road – S142.

If you are coming from Dubai or Abu Dhabi, simply get onto Emirates Road E611 and take the exit for S142, right after you pass the iconic Sharjah mosque.

If you are coming from Sharjah or the other northern emirates, you can also take E611, and then take the exit for S142, after you pass the Al Sajaa Industrial Area.

Once you are on S142, you will need to drive down for 40km, and then take the exit for Sharjah Safari, right after the roundabout at the intersection of S142 and E55.