Murshid bazaar
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Dubai: Are you a startup looking for the best places to stock up on your office supplies and stationary? From regular supplies like sticky notes, highlighters or pens to more specific needs like office furniture, bags for corporate gifts or window blinds, the expenses can pile up pretty quickly.

The wholesale market in Deira

Deira’s Murshid Bazaar is one of the most iconic business hubs in the emirate, known for its bustling bylanes where you can find a huge variety of items. “The best part about Deira is that it is a huge market where you get everything from a box of nails to furniture, food, textile, air-conditioners or children’s toys,” Huzaifa Fadal Abbas, a businessman who has been operating for many years in the Deira market, told Gulf News.

“In the Baniyas areas, you first get the carpets, curtains and car accessories. Then comes the hardware, sanity market and electrical market. Go deeper into the market, closer to the Al Ras area, and you will find a whole section where shops are selling disposable cutlery, bags, readymade garments and stationary,” he added.

The market is also good if you are looking for corporate gifts like diaries, pens and high-quality gift bags, with the option of printing or engraving your company logo, too.

However, it is important to note that this is a market that specialises in bulk sales, so your orders need to meet the minimum requirements of the store.

Wholesale and retail markets in the heart of Sharjah

Wholesale market in Sharjah
Wholesale market in Sharjah's Al Gharb area Image Credit: Falah Gulzar/Gulf News

As you enter Sharjah, and drive past the Buhairah corniche, you will enter the trading hub of the emirate, with markets selling everything from fabrics and garments, to dry fruits and furniture.

The first market is in the Al Mareija area, which also commonly referred to as the Zamzam market by residents, which specialises in textiles. From here, if you drive further down the Al Arouba Street, you will find the Rolla market and the Al Ghuwair market to the right. Here you can purchase furniture and traditional clothes or even avail of carpentry services. While this is not necessarily a wholesale market, you can get items at a discounted rate.

Towards the Sharjah corniche, you will find the wholesale market in Al Gharb area, where you can purchase dry fruits, food items and cleaning supplies.

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Discount stores across the UAE

You may have seen the Dh5, Dh10 shops in most populated neighbourhoods in the UAE, but if you thought they were just for getting a good deal on home décor, you had it wrong. From low-priced ceramic plates and trays that can be used at budget-friendly restaurants to hardware items, party decoration and even stationary items, these stores are a delight for the resourceful shopper.

Online bulk sellers

There are also online options available, which might be more convenient. It also makes it easier to compare prices between the different platforms, if you are working to stay at minimum costs. Some options include and

Computer items

If you are looking to make IT-related purchases, these are some of the markets you can consider:

- Computer market in Bur Dubai. This stretch of the Khalid Bin Waleed Street is also popularly known as ‘computer street’, with small shopping complexes like Al Ain Centre and Computer Plaza.

- Wholesale computer market in Sharjah Industrial Area 2.

Office décor

For decorating your office space, one of the best places to get natural plants at the lowest costs is by visiting the Dubai Municipality nursery Warsan. From getting plants for as low a Dh1/piece to bigger planters for Dh20 to Dh50, you can get options that are easy on the pocket.

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