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A unique trade that combines technology and creativity, barbering has been growing phenomenally over the past few years. At Wahl, we are proud to have played a defining role in the transformation of this ubiquitous industry. The world’s first electric clipper, introduced and patented by Wahl, led to a technological revolution and helped barbers work more efficiently. Another critical contributor to their growth was Wahl’s barber education programs that helped them master the tricks of the trade.

Successful barbers strike the right balance of technical skill and artistic flair. Wahl’s education programmes have focused on helping barbers all over the world hone both these skills while learning how to market themselves and master social media to build their brands.

These education programmes have evolved over many years to meet changing needs. Today, Wahl trains new barbers on basic skills, helps veterans upskill to modern demands and also provides opportunities to learn specialized techniques using the latest tools.

A significant focus of Wahl’s programmes in recent years has been brand building and social media marketing.

Under Wahl’s tutelage, barbers have been growing fan followings and acquiring new customers through their digital channels. This has also helped elevate barbering’s image among their communities. From setting trends to showcasing their finesse, social media has helped barbers look ‘cool’ and upped their value tremendously.

Wahl is proud to have been instrumental in creating today’s ‘rockstar barbers’! Equipping barbers with the right tools and resources, supporting them with multiple avenues for learning and helping them showcase their skills through competitions and shows are just some of the ways Wahl has kept up its commitment to the barbering community.

Opportunities are growing every day in the international grooming industry and with Wahl’s support, the future looks bright for barbers everywhere.