I have a loan with Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) and I am told that they will adjust my loan and my gratuity will be withheld by DIB. After a month of waiting and visiting four branches (Ibn Batutta, Al Barsha, Reef Mall, Main Branch - Deira) since May 22, they required me to submit my salary transfer certificate and new Emirates ID. Eventually, the social media team of DIB helped me to unblock my bank account within an hour, with just my salary transfer certificate. It was a great relief.

Now, my bank account is unblocked, but they took my gratuity and said they would adjust it to my outstanding loan. I requested the DIB contact centre to connect me with their collections department; they raised the request twice but they have rejected my requests. Three of my friends got their gratuity last year after moving to another company. I haven’t failed to pay monthly and would like to continue the way it is, until I finish my outstanding balance. I appreciate Gulf News’ assistance in this regard.

From Ms Alvanna Seguerra


Ms Seguerra updates:

I have successfully chased the bank and they released my gratuity after three to four attempts to reach their collection department, and explain my side of the story.

The management of DIB responds:

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) would like to confirm that their Customer Support team has been informed about Ms Seguerra’s query and has contacted the customer to resolve the matter. We are pleased to say that the matter has been resolved in due course and we now consider the case to be closed. We look forward to helping Ms Seguerra in any other way we can.

At DIB, we greatly value our customers and ensure that their requests or concerns are addressed and resolved in the best possible manner.

(Process initiation: June 30. Reader updates: July 4. Response from organisation: July 8. Process completion: July 9.)

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