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In the bustling metropolis of UAE, a trend has emerged — pet home services. With busy schedules and a growing awareness of the importance of pet wellness, more UAE residents are turning to specialised services to ensure their pets receive the best care, right in the comfort of their homes.

From pet grooming to veterinary care, pet home services offer convenience and peace of mind. Equipped with all the necessary tools and expertise to cater to their pets’ needs, professional pet caregivers come home to pets.

One of the most popular services arisen has been mobile pet grooming, where skilled groomers, like at Pets in the City, bathe, give tailored haircuts, nail care, and more, in specially fitted grooming “salons on wheels”.

One standout provider in this arena is Pets In The City; a premier pet grooming company that has been delighting Dubai pet parents, since 2011.

Pets In The City has become synonymous with excellence in customer service and reliability in the pet care industry.

What sets Pets In The City apart is their dedicated customer attention and willingness to stand behind their work.

“Unfortunately, we’ve noticed not all pet home service providers step their game. At Pets In The City we stand behind our work; that means living up to all our promises and in the unfortunate event of dissatisfied experience, we own up and take an immediate action to our best capacity,” said M. Ahmed, Owner and Director.

With a team of skilled groomers trained in handling various breeds and temperaments, they ensure that every client receives the royal treatment they deserve.

Additionally, pet home veterinary services have also become increasingly sought after, especially for routine check-ups and vaccinations, like those being given by Vets In The City Veterinary Clinic.

Beyond grooming and veterinary care, pet home services include pet sitting and dog walking. Whether pet owners are travelling or simply unable to walk their pets, professional pet sitters and dog walkers offer reliable and personalised attention and exercise that pets need to thrive.

In a region where extreme temperatures can pose risks to pets, home services offer a safe and controlled environment for pet care, minimising exposure to harsh weather conditions. As the demand for pet home services continues to grow, it’s evident that pet owners prioritise the well-being and comfort of their beloved companions.

With tailored care just a phone call away, pets in the UAE are living their best lives, pampered and loved in the comfort of their homes.