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The most given baby boy name in the world is Mohammad, including all its different spellings and variations. The most given baby girl name in the world is Sophia including all the regional versions and spellings of the name.

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Note: These statistics have been collated from popular baby care and parenting sites (such as Baby Centre and Baby Name Wizard), government websites as well as news reports.

Top 20 most popular baby names in the world

Girls Boys
Sophia Mohammad
Emily Oliver
Lily Jack
Olivia Noah
Amelia Jacob
Isla Charlie
Isabella Harry
Ava Joshua
Sophie James
Chloe Ethan

Here are the most popular names from a few countries and regions.

Middle East

Girls Boys
Maryam Mohammad
Sarah Omar
Fatima Ahmed
Noor Yousuf
Reem Ali


Girls Boys
Aadya Aarav
Diya Reyansh
Saanvi Mohammad
Amaira Vivaan
Angel Ayaan


The most common name in Pakistan for boys is Mohammad and for girls is Fatima. The data was inadequate to find other popular names.

United Kingdom

Girls Boys
Amelia Oliver
Olivia Jack
Isla Harry
Ava Jacob 
Emily Charlie

United States of America

Girls Boys
Emma Noah
Olivia Liam
Sophia Mason
Ava Jacob
Isabella William