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A recent study by Service Market, revealed that some extremely resilient and invasive pests, including cockroaches and bed bugs, are common reasons for pest control requests in Dubai. If you’re looking for some tried and tested tricks to ensure this doesn’t happen to you, then be sure to follow this handy guide to tackle the most common pests like a pro.  


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It is said that cockroaches can live through nuclear blasts and they are known for devouring almost everything, including soap and hair! No wonder these resilient creatures have become the most prevalent pests in Dubai.

How to cockroach-proof your house:

  • Cockroaches are attracted to dampness, darkness, warmth and clutter, so clean up and fix leakages to make sure such conditions don’t exist in your home
  • Don’t leave food and dirty dishes lying around
  • Seal openings and gaps in and around your home to stop cockroaches from entering your home    

Bed bugs

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Bed bugs can hide in your mattress and suck your blood while you’re asleep. Many people surprised to see itchy red bumps on your skin when they wake up. To avoid this nasty experience, just take these simple precautionary measures:  

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Visible bed bug bites

How to bed-bug proof your home:

  • Clean and declutter your home
  • Inspect your room regularly to detect signs of an infestation
  • Make sure there are no openings in your bed, furniture and walls
  • Bed bugs can hitch a ride while you are traveling, so be extra careful when you arrive back home after a vacation, especially if you suspect that they hotel you were staying at was infested
  • Buy a mattress cover


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Not only can ants destroy your garden within days, but they can also invade your home and bite you. If you notice anthills in your lawn or garden, you can keep them at bay by following these simple steps:

How to ant proof your living space:

  • Mow grass regularly and keep it well-irrigated
  • If you notice ants in your lawn, make sure there are no opening for them them to enter your home
  • Consider sprinkling salt or talcum powder under and around your doors and windows to deter them
  • Ants send out scouts to look for food. If you notice a lone ant, squish it. Otherwise, it’ll inform the colony and more ants will follow the trail


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Termites are one of the most common pests in Dubai. They can damage your furniture as well as any other wooden structure in your home. Since it’s very difficult to completely get rid of termites once they infest your home, you’ll have to book a professional pest control service to deal with them. However, you can significantly reduce the chances of an infestation.

How to prevent termites at home:

  • Improving ventilation and making sure your home isn’t too humid
  • Fixing leakages inside your home and in the lawn because damp places serve as breeding grounds for termites
  • Minimizing wood to soil contact. If you’re building a wooden patio in your backyard, be sure to cover the ground with a sheet of plastic before building it.


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Seeing a rat inside your home can be really distressing. They are notorious for spreading diseases, wreaking havoc in kitchens, and even biting humans while they are asleep. These steps can help you keep rats away from your home:

How to stop rats from being in your home:

  • They thrive in homes with clutter, uncovered garbage cans, and scraps of food lying around in the kitchen. So, always keep your home clean and tidy - hire a regular cleaning service to keep your home spotless!
  • Like other pests, rats need water and therefore often invade homes with standing water in pots, etc.
  • Seal all sewer pipes and drainage openings
  • Own a pet cat!

Contrary to what many people think, you should consider booking pest control services in Dubai at least a couple of times every year even if your home isn’t facing any infestations at the moment. Pest control experts can catch and nip pest infestations in the bud, and advise you on how to pest-proof your home.  

- Bana Shomali is the Dubai-based founder of Service Market