The wet n wild range

At the heart of beauty innovation and excellence, Multiplex International brings iconic brands such as wet n wild and Lip Smacker to the UAE’s vibrant beauty landscape. Part of the esteemed Markwins Beauty Brands portfolio, these beauty giants symbolise not only quality and trendsetting in the industry, but also a commitment to providing beauty enthusiasts with products that inspire confidence and creativity.

Known for its innovative formulations and bold colours, wet n wild represents a fearless approach to beauty. wet n wild is a brand that can adapt to all needs, from bold and daring looks to everyday glamour make-up looks. wet n wild also captures the spirit of those who embrace their individuality and express it through make-up.

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Lip Smacker adds a delicious touch of fun to your beauty routine!

Lip Smacker is an original brand known for its unrivalled range of authentic flavours! The colourful and authentic design of its lip balms also reflects the creative and dynamic soul of the brand. When you think about it, every lip balm can be a real collector’s item.

In summary, we can say that Lip Smacker lip balms have brought colour, sympathy and a smile to all the people of all ages who have worn them!