Video Credit: Edited by: Irish Eden Belleza; Video by: Ahmed Ramzan, Clint Egbert and Virendra Saklani

Digital content from a brand new cultural concept, The Kurator, is now available for readers on Gulf The Kurator is also available as a quarterly magazine, printed and published by Gulf News, covering art, luxury fashion and cutting-edge culture. It offers unique perspectives through its talented team of international artists, photographers, videographers and writers, without compromising on pushing boundaries and seeking truths.

Editor and Creative Director, Kappauf, said, “The goal of The Kurator is to uncover some of the duality of our world and discover some of the masterworks within it.”

Highlights of the current issue include award-winning Emirati film director, Abdulla Al Kaabi, who shares insights into a new documentary he is creating, filmed in Abu Dhabi during the height of the pandemic. Omani-born writer and winner of the 2019 Man Booker International Prize, Jokha Alharthi, reflects on her work and starchitect, Mario Botta, unlocks the high-security doors of the world’s most glamorous bank vault beneath a temple of finance in Lugano, Italy.

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