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One of UAE’s top fashion bloggers Sadaf Khan talks about what Ramadan means to her and why it’s a significant moment in the modest fashion calendar

Why is Ramadan considered a significant moment in the modest fashion calendar?

Ramadan is a holy month and it’s time for both spirituality and celebration. Ever since I was little, we have always celebrated Ramadan by spending time with family and our closest friends. As I’ve grown, I’ve understood that this is the time where fashion truly brings out a calmer side of women who love to dress and show their unique styles. It is a month where designers launch their special edition on looks to match the faith of Muslim women all around the world.

Image Credit: Sadaf Khan

What are your favourite trends for modest fashion this year?

I’m personally exploring fusion where I’m trying out trendy Pakistani designs with western styles. I like the look of it. Besides being experimental, I’m leaning extremely towards minimal and effortless styles, as they always keep you at the top of your elegance game.

Image Credit: Sadaf Khan

As a result of the pandemic and social distancing rules people may be a little wary of going out. Will it in any way affect modest fashion?

I highly doubt if this will affect fashion, as I’ve always said, dress for no one but yourself. In this holy month, I always keep myself at my best spiritually and on point with my look, whether I’m going out with friends or family or simply sitting on my couch and chatting up my niece.

Image Credit: Sadaf Khan

How can women show off their unique style within the parameters of their faith? Any tips?

Whatever you wear make sure you’re comfortable. It will always be your charming personality that will make you stand out. In addition to that, the trend that I would like to see would be dressing up in single-colour simple and elegant separates and dresses that can be accessorised to elevate the look.

Image Credit: Sadaf Khan

Is it true that Muslim women often build an entire wardrobe specifically for Ramadan? Could you comment on this trend?

Yes, in fact my mother and sister beat me to it this year! It’s extremely common to build an entire wardrobe, as these looks are carried forward for the rest of the months, right through the year!

— Sadaf Khan is a Saudi-born Indian girl, based in Dubai. From starting off her teens as a tomboy to finding her passion in fashion, she now is an award winning fashion blogger who continues to explore her unique modest styles within the parameters of her faith. She has established her own company called The Inspirists.