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When you live in a sunny place like the UAE, you are definitely prone to experiencing the harsh Ultraviolet (UV) rays. During the summer months especially, they become even more powerful and penetrating.

The company Polaroid are the inventors of the polarized lenses, which are the best form of protection you could have. 

Did you know that only 50 per cent of people living in the UAE think that owning sunglasses is important? Some people don't even own sunglasses!

We tell you how to choose your sunglasses and which colour does what to keep your eyes safe.

Which lens colour should you choose?



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Yellow lenses are great when you are in low light situations. Whether you are skiing or are driving in the fog, these are the most ideal ones for you. 



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Amber and brown tints are a great option if you are near-sighted.

Light Blue/Green


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Light blue and green tints are best suited for farsighted people.

Why you need 100 per cent UV protection

Your eyes become weaker as they get exposed to the sun, so you should only ever buy sunglasses that are 100 per cent UV protected. 

Don't get sunglasses from cheap streetside vendors, no matter how cool they look. This is a situation where you need to spend more for higher protection.

Taking it further with 100 per cent UV400 protection:

Certain sunglasses, like Polaroid sunglasses give you 100 per cent UV400 protection. That means less than 1 per cent of UV rays to pass through the lense, which increases the sunglasses protection to the max. 

What shape should you choose?

Step 1: Determine your face shape

Round faces are ones with the same length and width. They have soft edges.

Heart shaped faces have narrow chins and jawlines. They tend to be narrower than the forehead. 

Oval faces are usually much taller than they are wide. The features tend to be balanced and curved.

Square faces have a strong and prominent jaw line. The cheek bones and forehead are similar in width.

Step 2: Choose your frame

Round faces are best paired with large and square sunglasses.

Heart shaped faces are best paired with flashier frames to give the face a more striking appearance. 

Oval faces can be paired with almost any frame shape.

Square faces should be paired with curvier frames to set off angular features.